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The 4 Styles of Boxing

Considering the earliest evidence of boxing dates back to 3000 BC, there's no surprise that boxing techniques and styles have evolved dramatically. As new rules and equipment emerged, different strategies were subsequently utilised. In the upcoming article, we look at the 4 main styles of boxing, discussing their characteristics and the notable personnel who utilised them. We discuss the different styles and explore why styles and strategies have fluctuated.

The Swarmer
The swarmer applies relentless pressure, overwhelming their opponent by pressing and pestering. Swarmers have a good punching output, are powerful, and fast on their feet in order to manoeuvre inside. The majority of swarmers are short, with the boxing style taking away an opponents reach. They intend to overwhelm their opponents with a series of jabs and uppercuts and require a 'good chin' as their style leaves them vulnerable to punches.

The Slugger
What the slugger lacks for in finesse, they make up for in raw strength and power. Sluggers are often slow punchers and lack mobility, however, have the ability to catch their opponent off guard and knock them out with a single powerful punch. Sluggers ordinarily throw few punches, using predictable punching patterns which make them vulnerable to counter-measures.

The Out-Boxer
The antithesis of the swarmer, the out-boxer seeks to maintain a gap between themselves and their opponent. They fight with long-range, fast punches. Out-boxers are usually less powerful, relying on weak jabs, straights and fast footwork. They tend to win on points rather than by knockout punches.

The Boxer-Puncher
Possessing the hand-speed and counter-punching skills of the out-boxer, the power of the slugger and aggression of the swarmer, the boxer-puncher is a highbred of the 3 aforementioned styles. Boxer-punchers are difficult to categorise at they may be closer in style to the swarmer, slugger or out-boxer.


Book a Boxer for a Corporate Occasion

Whether you want a former world-champion to deliver a motivational speech, a current professional to meet and greet employees, or you wish to treat clients to VIP Hospitality at a boxing match, hire a boxer through Celebrity-Experiences and experience truly elite sporting entertainment. We take care of all the pre-event hassle, meaning you can sit back and enjoy your elite corporate event. Imagine the look on your employees faces as they meet their boxing idol. Imagine how your clients will react when they're greeted by a professional boxer. Imagine the buzz on social media as an iconic boxer checks in at your event. Hire a boxer today and take your corporate event to the next level.

Can I hire a boxer for a private event?

Of course, we provide an unprecedented variety of boxing experience days for both private and personal occasions. Whether you want an informal meet and greet over dinner with a professional boxer, a sparring session with an A-list boxing trainer, or simply require VIP hospitality for an upcoming boxing event, Celebrity-Experiences can make your dreams a reality.

Examples of Boxing Experience Days?

If you hire a boxer for your event, there are various experiences to choose from.

One-on-one boxing training
Sparring session with a former-professional
Bootcamp with a boxing personal trainer
Teambuilding day with an iconic boxer
VIP Hospitality
Step into the ring with a professional

How much does it cost to hire a boxer?

The cost of your event will depend on the which boxer you book, the nature of the event and the duration of the event. If you wish to hire a boxer for your event, speak to our Customer Services Team today. They'll be happy to discuss your event further and provide an accurate quote regarding pricing.

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