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Hire a Michelin Star Celebrity Chef for your event

The Oscar of cooking. The Olympic Gold of the culinary world. The blue ribbon of cuisine. A Michelin Star is the highest praise a chef can get, reflecting years of dedication to the culinary craft. Though there are many apt chefs in the world, only a select few have the iconic Michelin Star bestowed upon them. Michelin Guide recognition is truly the highest honour in the culinary world. Until recently, Michelin Star food has been an unobtainable wish, with only a select few able to frequent Michelin rated restaurants worldwide. Thanks to Celebrity Experiences, alongside many celebrities for hire, you can now hire an elite Michelin Star chef for your dinner party, personal event or corporate occasion. Celebrity Experiences also offers unprecedented cooking experience days, celebrity chef hire and ZOOM cook along with some of the most elite chefs in the culinary world.

how much is it to hire a celebrity chef?

We provide an extensive roster of celebrity chefs for hire for both private and corporate events, offering both in-person and virtual culinary experiences. Whether you want a television chef to cater your dinner party, a Michelin Star chef to cook for your corporate occasion, or a virtual cooking experience with a celebrity chef, hiring a celebrity chef is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience. For an accurate pricing quote in regard to hiring a celebrity chef, simply get in touch with the Celebrity Experiences Team today. Our team will be happy to discuss your event and answer any questions you may have.

ZOOM cooking experiences

With COVID-19 putting a stop to in-person events, Celebrity-Experiences have adapted their service to ensure customers can enjoy the thrill of a virtual cooking experience day from the comfort of their own home. Simply book your favourite chef, log onto ZOOM, and experience a one-on-one culinary masterclass with an iconic celebrity chef. You'll have the opportunity to enjoy an informal chat with your chosen chef, learn a variety of culinary tips, tricks and techniques, and cook along with a variety of recipes. This opportunity is truly unprecedented and can be enjoyed from the comfort of your kitchen.

how to hire a private chef

Do you want to wow diners at your upcoming corporate event? Do you want to experience Michelin Star cuisine from the comfort of your own home? Do you want to take your dinner party to the next level? Hire a private chef for your upcoming event and experience cuisine like never before. We offer an unprecedented range of television chefs, celebrity chefs and Michelin Star chefs for all occasions. Browse our vast roster of celebrity chefs available for hire and exclusive cooking experience days to find out more. Our culinary experience days are available both in-person and virtually.

Elite Corporate Event Dining

So often, the meal at a corporate event sets the tone for the entire occasion. Essentially, an uninspiring meal means an uninspiring event. Hiring a Michelin Star or Celebrity Chef for your corporate event ensures your guests are impressed, inspired and enthused. Imagine your guests faces as they experience Michelin Star food for the first time. Imagine how your employees will react as they come face to face with an iconic Celebrity Chef Imagine the social media buzz as a renowned culinary icon 'checks in' to your event. Hiring an elite chef for your company event will reiterate your company's status as an innovative, elite and exclusive outfit.

Exclusive Cooking Experience Days

Cooking experience days are the perfect gift for any budding foodie. Celebrity Experiences cooking experience days are truly unforgettable occasions. Participants have the chance to learning culinary techniques, experience one-on-one masterclasses, before showing off their culinary talent to the group. Whether it's learning how to cook the perfect steak, how to bake like a top baker, or how to make mouthwatering chocolate, our cooking experience days are truly unprecedented culinary adventures.

Celebrity Chef Endorsements

Do you own a culinary product? Does your patented cooking gadget need a sales boost? Do you want to draw attention to your restaurant on social media? Embark on a Celebrity Branding campaign through Celebrity Experiences and take your culinary business to the next level. Our vast roster of Michelin Star Chefs and Celebrity Chefs ensures we can provide the perfect option for every business.

Virtual Celebrity Experiences
Born in Covid, Here to stay!

During the Covid pandemic, a new type of experience was born – Virtual Celebrity Experiences! With more people working from home, our special and exclusive range of Virtual Celebrity Experiences and Virtual Corporate Events were enjoyed across the world during covid and still are! They are still as popular as they were in 2020. From virtual cook-alongs with Celebrity Chefs, inspirational virtual Celebrity Speakers, virtual magic shows, virtual dance masterclasses, to virtual wine tastings. Get in touch with the Celebrity-Experiences team today to discuss booking both private and virtual corporate experiences to keep your team entertained at home.

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Celebrity Appearances

Whether you want to hire a celebrity for a corporate event or book a celebrity for a personal engagement; Celebrity-Experiences.com can make your dreams a reality. We provide unprecedented access to the best and most-famous celebrity talent in the world for private and corporate events across the globe. Whether you want a Hollywood icon to give an after-dinner speech at your corporate event, a celebrity chef to cook for you and your guests, or you simply want a meet and greet with your favourite pop star or band; get in touch with the Celebrity Experiences team today and we'll get started curating a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The only limit is your imagination.

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