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Celebrity speakers can create a buzz

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Booking a celebrity speaker for an event

From Hollywood celebrities and published authors to popular politicians and leaders of industry, celebrity speakers can spice up your event.

The huge pull of celebrity can fill seats quickly, create a buzz around your brand or build awareness if your organisation.

Celebrity speakers are also not the easiest to hire; they are usually very busy people and can be booked up for months, even years, in advance.

Most celebrity speakers will need to be paid handsomely to speak and the more high profile they are the more they will cost to hire.

You may want to find a celebrity to provide a keynote, motivational or after-dinner speech at a conference, awards night, corporate cabaret or industry events.

We have hosted a number of large-scale events where our experienced team has sourced a celebrity to entertain our client's guests after dinner.

We can book a wide range of celebrity after dinner speakers from many fields, from household-name TV presenters to pioneering American astronauts.

Celebrity speakers can come from the political arena, be sporting gold medal winners, award-winning journalists, or inspirational business leaders.

The cost of hiring a celebrity after dinner speaker will depend on just how famous, high-profile and sought-after they are.

Among the vast selection of famous speakers for hire are icons within the business, political, entertainment and sports' worlds.

High-profile celebrity speakers can motivate employees, investors or shareholders as well as provide an entertaining evening that will be long remembered by the audience.

There are no clear rules or guidelines that dictate the terms for choosing your corporate entertainment. You can opt for a celebrity speaker or you may want a truly unique experience for your guests.

Hiring a celebrity for a corporate event is relatively easy but booking someone that will offer unprecedented bespoke party entertainment can be much more difficult.

So for your next corporate event, why not hire an A-list Hollywood actor, premiership footballer or manager, a Wimbledon champion, Olympic gold medallists or TV talent show winners with a worldwide fan base.

Our corporate members can enjoy the benefits of our experience and expertise in celebrity after dinner speaker hire for business events or private parties.

We will work with clients to best understand their needs and offer recommendations that will help make your event truly unique.

Whatever the purpose and nature of your corporate event, we will organise a suitable celebrity speaker who will provide an amazing experience for you and your guests.

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