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Take to the racetrack with an F1 driver

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Track day thrills with a formula one driver

Do you dream about having a track day with an F1 driver? Do you wonder how the minds of drivers such as Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso and Daniel Ricciardo work – the rush, the adrenaline, the excitement and the sheer joy they must feel when they are at famous Formula One tracks such as Silverstone, Monaco and Monza?

Members enjoy one-to-one celebrity experiences with their favourite F1 drivers. With membership, you can meet your favourite F1 driver, dine with them and ask them how it really feels to drive a Formula One racing car. It can make for a fabulous luxury experience day for him or her.

From celebrity meet and greets, through to a one-to-one track day, members can make their dreams a reality. What would you ask if you could meet Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel? What tips would you get from Verstappen or Bottas? And for that special luxury gift experience, you can even drive an adapted F1 car.

Celebrity F1 track day is just one of a wide array of luxury sports experiences that card holders enjoy. For example, we also offer tennis lessons with Wimbledon champions and personal training sessions with Olympic gold medallists.

Our selection of luxury GP experiences is so popular because Formula One is one of the most sought-after and religiously followed sporting events in the year. It is not in recent years that Formula One has reached the pinnacle of its popularity.

It was just as fascinating a hundred years ago when it was called the European Grand Prix. Formula One did not develop as a concept until the mid-forties but the Grand Prix championships in Europe, through the 1920s and 1930s, were as thrilling as they are now.

Of course the technical standard of the cars back then was far inferior to what we see today even on the streets of major cities let alone the speed and power of a modern-day supercar.

Formula One is a historical document of the evolution of the automobile industry, in particular, the engines, the hardware, safety and overall performance.

While we marvel at the races watching racing cars from the stands or on television, being in the hot seat is a completely different experience. Many millionaires and billionaires have a wish to be in that hot seat, just to experience what it takes and what it is like to be in the fast lane, literally.

Booking a Formula One driver for meets and greets at your corporate event has never been easier. Your guests can enjoy an exclusive chat with famous F1 drivers.

You can hire a Formula One driver to make an appearance at your upcoming product launch, have a celebrated driver make a keynote address at your seminar or just invite them along to grace a joyous occasion of your company.

So whether you want to spend track day with an F1 driver yourself, to arrange a luxury gift for your partner or would like an F1 racing star to appear at your next corporate event then get in touch with the team today.

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