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How Coronavirus has changed Classical Music

From living room concerts to behind-the-scenes theatre access, prodigious one-on-one insights to virtual concert hall tours, the COVID-19 Coronavirus has transmogrified the world of classical music. It should come as no surprise the extent which COVID-19 has affected arts and culture, after all, it's wholly changed every aspect of everyday life. Classical music adapted quicker than many other industries, the introduction of virtual concerts and live streams providing entertainment for classical music enthusiasts around the globe. Despite the closure of concert halls and postponement of live music, there are shreds of comfort we can draw upon during classical music's darkest hour.

The introduction of live streams has undoubtedly helped classical music reach larger audiences and a wider demographic. Despite the thrill of attending live classical concerts, in-person events undoubtedly alienated a large proportion of people. After all, attending a prestigious classical event requires money, travel and time. Virtual concerts have alleviated these restraints, allowing the general public to experience the wonders of classical music from the comfort of their own homes. Take violinist Maxim Vengerov's last concert for example- it was viewed by more than 20,000 people, with 1500 people viewing the concert live. There are only a select few concert halls in the UK which could handle that capacity of listeners.

Live streams and virtual concerts have also removed the elitist aspects of the classical music industry. With people able to stream iconic classical musicians at the click of a button, classical music is able to remove its elitist shackles and reach demographics it never has before. So often the general public is put off going to a classical concert because of the daunting concert hall etiquette, the elitist dress codes and the expensive ticket prices. Live streaming virtual concerts allows people to get a taste of classical music without the highbrow baggage that comes with it.

The COVID-19 Coronavirus has forced classical music to move into the modern era, a move that was desperately needed. The inception of zoom rehearsals, virtual lessons and video performances marks a new dawn of classical music, utilising technology for the sake of the arts. The feel-good zoom performances consistently circulating social media throughout lockdown epitomised the sense of community only found in the musical arts- a sense of community that has been slowly eroded over the past decades.

Finally, the COVID-19 Coronavirus lockdown has brought classical music 'back to earth.' So often classical music icons are idolised, a prodigious race amongst themselves. Seeing elite professionals practising in their joggers, classical icons offering practice tips, and first-class musicians offering virtual lessons has brought classical music back into reality.


Can I hire a Classical Musician for a personal event?

Yes, we provide elite classical musicians for both personal and corporate events. Whether you want an inspirational lesson from a world-famous musician, a professional string quartet to play you down the aisle, or simply would love to meet your classical idol, get in touch with our team today.

Classical Musicians for corporate events

Celebrity-Experiences.com has access to the most exclusive classical musicians in the business. Whether you want an iconic violinist to present employee awards, an opera singer to perform at your corporate event, or simply require a world-class pianist to meet and greet potential clients, get in touch today.

How much to hire a Celebrity Chef?

The cost of hiring a classical musician will depend on your musician of choice, the type of event and the duration of the occasion. For an accurate pricing quote, simply get in contact with a member of our Customer Services Team today

How do I hire a Classical Musician

If you want to hire a top name in the business, get in touch with our Customer Service Team today. They will be happy to run through the vast array of chefs available for hire. If you'd like to find out about the other celebrities we offer, please see Celebrities for Hire for more information.

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