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How to contact a celebrity

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How to contact a celebrity?

Whether we like it or not, we live in a world that unequivocally idolises certain members of society. These people, more commonly known as 'celebrities', hold a demigod like status in our hearts. They are more than just mere people, often personifying our own life ambitions. Their idyllic, fairy-tale-like lives offer us both a distraction from our own mundane existence, whilst simultaneously giving us something to aim for.

Despite the countless amount of celebrities on earth, it's becoming increasingly rare to meet one in the flesh. Often enclosing themselves in their own personal quarantines, meeting a celebrity by chance is nigh on impossible. So how do you go about contacting a celebrity and getting a response?

The question; How to contact a celebrity? Is Googled a countless amount of times each day. Despite this, there really isn't a definitive guide. More often than not, websites give a couple of loose suggestions as to how to contact a celebrity, offering little or no categoric answers. In the upcoming article, I am going to offer an irrefutable walkthrough as to how to contact a celebrity and get a response.

Ways to contact a Celebrity

Method One: Reach out through Social Media

It's undeniable that social media has bridged the gap between celebrities and the general public. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram give you the opportunity to keep up to date with the daily lives of your favourite celebrities. Using social media, you can directly message them, mention them in tweets and comments, and repost their content. These methods are all incredibly peripheral ways to gain a celebrity's attention. You might be lucky and get a response, however, don't bank on it. It is possible to improve your chances, however. Make sure your own social media profile is in good stead, a comprehensive amount of activity, pictures to verify you, and a good 'follower' to 'following' ratio is vital. Secondly, engage with their personal interests.

Method Two: Send Physical Mail

When I say: 'Send Physical Mail,' I'm not talking about sending your bodybuilder uncle round, I'm talking about letters and fan mail. More often than not, celebrity fan mail addresses are simple to get hold of. In fact, through purchasing a celebrity contact directory, you have the opportunity to send fan mail to all your favourite idols. I'd suggest handwriting your letter for authenticity's sake, putting forward concise and specific points throughout. Make things as easy as possible for your chosen celebrity. For example, if you want an autograph, include a picture of the celebrity, along with a pre-paid and pre-addressed envelope.

Method Three: Reaching your favourite celebrity through a third party

This is probably the method most likely to work. By contacting a celebrity's agent or publicist, you can find out what events your favourite celebrity will be attending. Agents and publicists will often provide comprehensive advice and a clear route as to how to contact your chosen celebrity. Furthermore, celebrity booking sites offer you the chance to meet your idol up close and personal. Granted, you do pay for this privilege, but it grants you unprecedented one-on-one time with your chosen celebrity. If you want to spend quality time having an informal chat with your idol, a celebrity booking site is the way forward.

Each of the aforementioned method's have their upsides and drawbacks. Contacting your favourite celebrity through social media is undoubtedly the easiest method. However, any response will be wholly impersonal. A handwritten letter takes more time and effort; however, you have a greater chance of getting a response, and that response will be more personal. Undoubtedly, the best method available is meeting your favourite celebrity through a celebrity booking site. This method allows you to spend quality, one-on-one time with your celebrity idol. However, though prices vary, the privilege of spending time with your Hollywood idol does not come cheap.

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