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How to get a celebrity video message
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How to get a celebrity video message

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How to receive a celebrity video message

Are you tired of queuing for hours on end to spend a couple of seconds speaking to your favourite celebrity? Are you fed up standing in a mile-long line, wearily being ushered along by bouncers?

Meeting your celebrity idol should be a perfect, once-in-a-lifetime experience, but instead, it's tedious, impersonal and anticlimactic. Many people have waited hopefully at numerous events, ecstatic to finally meet their idol, only to get a quick 'hello' before being moved along by the bouncers.

If you're lucky, you might get a precious autograph, a quick, impersonal squiggle, and one of a thousand given out to fans that day. Wouldn't it be great to get personally acknowledged direct by your favourite celebrity, a personal video message just for you?

Yes, we hear on social media about the 'lucky fan' who by some extraordinary coincidence managed to have a beer with Jonny Depp, but in reality, this is about as rare as a good hair day for Donald Trump.

From greetings to Zoom Calls with Celebrities

A personal greeting just for you

What if your favourite celebrity recorded a private video message directly to you. A unique, entirely individual address, whatever the occasion.

You get to choose the celebrity, the message and the chance to tailor the event any way you want. Just think, no queuing for hours on your feet, no bouncers tell you 'your time is up', no impersonal anticlimax.

This unique approach is the perfect way to get your favourite celebrity to your birthday party, without the cost.

Whether it's a wedding anniversary, a loved one's birthday, or you want to send a message of support a friend away on business; the possibilities are infinite.

Who will send me a video message?

The extensive list of celebrity's available means there is something available for everyone, whatever the budget.

It can be anyone from a blockbusting movie A-lister to an up-and-coming TV reality star, from a favourite radio DJ to a premiership footballer. You choose the celebrity; you select the message, you pick the date, the time and the lucky recipient.

How long does it take to get a video message from a star?

Personalised messages can take a while to produce. With this in mind, it's essential to book with plenty of time to spare.

Bear in mind the potential schedules of your favourite celebrities, as they may have filming or tour commitments.

For example; Sinitta Malone often advises Simon Cowell in the 'Judges Houses' round of the X-Factor, Pat Sharp's often tied up with his regular DJing gig at Strawberry Moon's Bar, and any Game of Throne's actors' schedule solely relies on whether George RR Martin has decided to kill them off yet.

What do I do next?

Whatever your requirements, please get in touch with the team today to start organising getting you a video message from a celebrity. You can visit our Celebrity Video Message page Phone the Celebrity-Experiences.com office on +44(0)2036335004 or email enquiries@Celebrity-Experiences.com

Need help in deciding? Give us a call, and we can talk you through it.

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