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Virtual Experience Ingredient Hampers and Experience Gift Boxes

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Virtual Experience Ingredient Hampers and Experience Gift Boxes

Nowadays, companies are going to unprecedented lengths to arrange incredible corporate events. Whether it be an iconic after-dinner speaker, a luxury company getaway or an unrivalled employee celebration, the corporate entertainment industry has grown exponentially in the past decade. With the COVID-19 coronavirus halting in-person corporate events, there has been the emergence of so-called 'virtual experiences'. Companies have quickly realised the many advantages of virtual experiences; they are cost-effective, time-effective, stress-free and are not geographically restrictive. It is for these reasons that the virtual event industry projected to grow over 20% in the next 7 years. Here at Celebrity-Experiences, we offer an unrivalled selection of virtual experiences, from informal ZOOM Q&A's with famous celebrities to virtual cooking experiences, iconic webinars to virtual celebrity speakers, celebrity video calls to virtual cocktail classes. The following article will inform you about one of our most popular packages: Virtual Experience Ingredient Hampers and Experience Gift Boxes.


Virtual Experience Ingredient Hampers

Whether it's an exquisite cocktail kit for a virtual cocktail event, luxury wines for a sommelier experience, or a top-quality ingredients pack for a virtual cooking experience, Celebrity-Experiences ingredient hampers provide exceptional produce delivered straight to the participants' door. Our bespoke ingredient kits are designed around your chosen experience, with hampers distributed to participants worldwide. In your ingredient hamper you'll find all the ingredients required for your virtual experience. Also included is an informational booklet with details regarding your event.

Examples of Virtual Culinary Experiences

Virtual Wine Tasting- Enjoy a virtual wine tasting event with a celebrity sommelier.

Virtual Cocktail Class- With an unprecedented roster of celebrity cocktail experts, a virtual cocktail class is a perfect way to reward your employees.

Virtual Cook-along- Enjoy a live cook-along with a celebrity, television or Michelin-starred chef.

Virtual Baking Experience- With access to several celebrity bakers, enjoy a live bake-along with one of the industry's leading names.

Experience Gift Boxes

Virtual experience gift boxes provide all the components required for your virtual experience. Whether it's customised playing cards for your virtual magic experience, personalised equipment for your virtual gym workout, or bespoke sheet music for your virtual music lesson. As per our ingredient hampers, gift boxes are designed around your chosen experience and distributed to participants worldwide. You can incorporate your own branding into items, for example, engraved cocktail shakers with your logo.

How to Book

1). Decide upon your desired virtual corporate event.
2). Select the time and date of the event.
3). Choose your ideal celebrity.
4). Enjoy your virtual event.

How much does it cost?

There are a variety of factors that determine the price of your event. If you are considering booking a virtual corporate event, please contact the Celebrity-Experiences.com team for more information. Our team of industry professionals will be pleased to answer any questions or queries you have on celebrity hire.

Get in Touch

For more information, simply get in touch with us today. We will discuss with you celebrity appearance fees and everything you need to know about booking a celebrity for an in-person experience or a virtual event. Please note, we are not a VIP ticket booking agency, we provide completely bespoke entertainment based around your exact requirements.

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Due to Covid-19 and more people working from home, we have launched a special and exclusive range of Virtual Celebrity Experiences and Virtual Corporate Events. From virtual cook-alongs with Celebrity Chefs, inspirational virtual Celebrity Speakers, virtual magic shows, virtual dance masterclasses, to virtual wine tastings. Get in touch with the Celebrity-Experiences team today to discuss booking both private and virtual corporate experiences to keep your team entertained at home.

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Whether you want to hire a celebrity for a corporate occasion or book a celebrity for a personal engagement; Celebrity-Experiences.com can make your dreams a reality. We provide an unprecedented selection of celebrity talent for events across the globe. Whether you want a Hollywood icon to give an after-dinner speech at your corporate event, a celebrity chef to cook your anniversary meal, or you simply want a meet and greet with your favourite pop star; get in touch. The only limit is your imagination.

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