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Celebrity Speakers: The Ultimate Guide

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Celebrity Speakers: The Ultimate Guide

When you hear the phrase 'keynote speaker', what comes to mind? A tiresome, monotonous speech? A never-ending award ceremony? An unceasing lecture about a banal topic? It's true, keynote speaking has got a bad rep in recent years, with companies hiring lifeless, passionless, monotonous orator's. This is predominantly due to companies not researching their chosen guest speaker effectively, whilst also lacking crucial knowledge of the orating industry. The truth is, keynote speaking is a precious skill. The ability to inspire an audience and convey a gripping story, whilst simultaneously providing relevant insight to a precise topic is a skill few possess. Here at Celebrity-Experiences.com, we provide elite keynote speakers for hire. We offer world-class keynote speakers for corporate and personal occasions.
A keynote speaker must educate, stimulate and motivate, delivering a fundamental message and encapsulating a specific theme. A successful guest speaker will present information in a unique fashion, allowing the audience to view topics in a different light. The role of a keynote speaker is to present their audience with a fresh understanding of a topic, theme or insight. The best keynote speakers utilise their vast knowledge of the topic, as well as unique personal experience. This allows them to deliver information in an inspiring yet personal manner.


What makes a world-class keynote speaker?

Charisma- Keynote speeches often last for 45 minutes to 1 hour. It's therefore essential that the audience is continuously engaged.
Body Language- Body language is crucial to keep the audience interested and engrossed.
Industry Knowledge- In order to deliver a message and give the audience a new perspective on a topic, it's key for the keynote speaker to know their industry.

Personal Anecdotes- Individual stories help the audience relate to the speaker and view information differently.

Inspiration- Inspiring and motivating the audience is a prerequisite of any successful guest speaker.

Commanding- By definition, a keynote speaker is the headline act of any event.

Common mistakes when hiring a keynote speaker

A Bad Fit- It's essential to hire a keynote speaker who fits your event and company ethos. There are many world-class keynote speakers out there, but only a select few will be suitable for your event. Think about what your company does, who your audience is and the message you are presenting.

Budget- Keynote speakers vary greatly in price. It's essential to understand your company budget and hire accordingly. Though keynote speakers can prove a lucrative company asset, it's important to understand to ROI involved.

Not utilising the event- Some companies believe once they've hired their chosen guest speaker, event success is achieved. It's important to utilise social media, advertise the event and review the event once it's gone ahead.

Poor planning- It's amazing how many companies meet their chosen guest speaker on the morning of the event. It's essential to meet him/her prior, discuss logistics and ensure both company and keynote speaker are on the same page.

Keynote VS Guest Speaker

Though a keynote speaker is essentially a guest speaker, there are several subtle differences to understand. A keynote speaker is the headline act of the event, setting the tone and delivering a message to the audience. On the other hand, a guest speaker is a supporting member, often discussing specific points or expanding on issues raised by the keynote speaker. It's important for companies to understand this subtle difference and hire accordingly. Failure to do so can lead to vague themes and a disjointed, chaotic event. Don't be one of the countless companies that hire too many keynote speakers for one event, or hire only guest speakers.

Virtual Keynote Speakers

With the COVID-19 Coronavirus halting in-person events, we have introduced virtual keynote speakers available for personal and corporate occasions. Attendees simply log on to the event via Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams, enjoy the keynote speech and have an opportunity to ask questions to the speaker. Virtual keynote speakers are the perfect way to keep employees motivated and inspired during the lockdown. Our vast roster of virtual keynote speakers available for hire ensures there's the perfect guest speaker for all events, both personal and corporate. For more information about our Virtual Celebrity Experiences, please click here

Get in touch

To hear more about keynote speakers and guest speakers, get in touch with our Customer Services Team today. Our dedicated team of industry professionals will be happy to answer any queries you may have and help you choose your perfect keynote speaker. They will be happy to discuss your upcoming event and provide an accurate quote regarding pricing.

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