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Formula One's Electric Revolution

April 1st 2019 marked a new dawn of F1 racing. Sporting body FIA announced that the FIA Formula One World Championship will be switching to completely electric engines by 2021. Despite initial question marks over the capability of electric engines in the F1 Championships, Formula One chiefs seemed confident that all-electric engines will be able to sufficiently cope with the high-demands of F1 racing. FIA President Jean Todt stated the following in reaction to the news: 'Today marks an important step in Formula One's long and illustrious history. The decision to move to all-electric powertrains has been talked about for years, but only now have we decided to move forward with this idea. Formula One has a proud reputation for being at the forefront of innovations in racing technology, which is being highlighted by the ground-breaking regulations that shall be introduced in time for the 2021 season.'

Despite this seeming landmark decision, progress seems to have halted, with Formula One reluctant to follow their Formula E counterparts. This prompted criticism from Sebastian Vettel, who cited the worlds environmental problems in the context of the gas-guzzling sport. Vettel stated the following: ''When it comes to the environment, we are burning fuel which is a very small amount of the total carbon footprint but still we need to start acting more and more setting the right example, not just on carbon footprint, but on other things.'

There does seem to be progress in regard to Formula One's environmental stance however. In late 2019, F1 chiefs launched a plan to become carbon neutral by the year 2030. Though many deem this an unrealistic aim, it's undoubtedly a step in the right direction. The sport plans to move to synthetic fuels when the next engine formula is tested in the latter parts of the decade. Though some fans believe the aim of carbon neutrality is simply unfeasible, F1 has always been a somewhat trendsetter in maximising environmental efficiency. Their revolutionary step in 2014 to introduce turbo-hybrid engines saw F1 car engines' thermo-efficiency in excess of 50%- standard road cars are in the region of 30%.


Racing car experience days

Celebrity-Experiences.com have unprecedented access to the top racing drivers in the world. So whether you want to enjoy an adrenaline-fuelled racing car experience day, require a driving lesson from motor racing legend, or wish to take a spin with a world-famous car driver in an adapted Formula 1 racing car, book through Celebrity-Experiences.com today.

Whether it is for a personal gift experience for a loved one, a corporate thank you to a loyal client, or you simply want to treat yourself, Celebrity-Experiences.com will connect you with the world's most famous formula one drivers.

From zooming around Silverstone race track with your favourite motor racing driver, to having lunch with a racing legend, anything is possible through Celebrity-Experiences.com.

Hire a MotoGP Racer

Here at Celebrity-Experiences.com, we don't just provide F1 drivers. Our extensive roster of elite motorists also include some of the worlds best MotoGP racers. Whether you want an adrenaline-fuelled track day, VIP hospitality at a MotoGP race, or your simply want to meet your favourite MotoGP racer; hire a MotoGP racer through Celebrity-Experiences.com and experience total adrenaline.

What could a racing legend bring to my corporate events?

The Celebrity-Experiences.com team can arrange for world-famous racing car drivers to attend speaking engagements globally.

Race car drivers will be sure to entertain your guests with exciting stories about their careers and their racetrack experiences.

A famous racing driver can be the guest of honour at an AGM or can host corporate racing car experience days.

Maybe you want to wow a prominent client with an exclusive track day at an F1 motor racing venue. We can even arrange for your client to be taken out for a spin in a Formula 1 car.

From one-to-one gift experiences to corporate motor racing events, our team will be happy to help in hiring any famous race car driver.

Whether it's presenting awards, making a keynote speech or providing a motivational talk to the staff; the appearance of a motor racing star is guaranteed to enhance your company's brand awareness.

Whatever the event, an F1 racing driver will put you and your company in the fast lane and make a lasting impression on your guests.

What is the cost of hiring an F1 racing driver?

Much depends on the options you choose when hiring a famous race car driver.

You may choose a track day with a motor racing legend, to take a Formula 1 car for a spin, or to hire a famous racing car driver for a speaking engagement

Hiring an F1 racing driver will only suit the budgets of a select few. However, for lasting memories and impressions on your guests, this is something extraordinary.

For accurate information regarding pricing, please contact our Customer Service Team today. They will be sure to answer any questions you may have, and talk you through the various services we provide.

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