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University Student Societies: Hire a Guest Speaker

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Student Societies: Hire a Guest Speaker

Societies are an integral part of the university experience. They allow students to pursue passions, develop interests and meet likeminded people. Hiring an external speaker for your society's event is an ideal way to motivate members, glean knowledge, and set your society apart from the rest. We provide both in-person and virtual university society speakers, catering for all occasions and interests.

Hiring a university society speaker is simple and stress-free. Simply select your desired keynote speaker, determine the agenda of your bespoke event, and enjoy. Our vast roster of celebrity speakers ensures there's the ideal candidate for every society, occasion and event. Our team of industry professional staff will be on hand to ensure your event runs successfully.

Depending on your preference, your society's chosen keynote speaker can speak in-person or via video-conferencing software.

Celebrity Speaker Ideas

Guest Speaker Ideas

If you are considering hiring a speaker for your university society event, there are several formats to consider. All formats are available both in-person and virtually.

  • Q&A Session- The society president will ask the keynote speaker questions submitted by society members.
  • Discussion on a specific topic- The external speaker will discuss a specific pre-prepared topic with society members.
  • Subject debate- The society speaker will chair an intellectual debate between members of the society.
  • Powerpoint on a particular subject- The keynote speaker will prepare and present a Powerpoint presentation on a particular subject of interest.

Guest Speakers for all Societies and Interests

With so many external speakers to choose from, it can be difficult to choose. Listed below are some of our most popular categories of university society speakers for hire. All guest speakers are available to hire in-person and virtually.

Political Society Speakers

Hiring a political keynote speaker is the perfect way to gain insight into the workings of Westminster. We offer ex-prime ministers, current politicians and rebellious backbenchers. We provide speakers for all political persuasions and interests.

Musical Society Speakers

What could be more insightful than a Q&A session with a famous musician? Hearing about the trials and tribulations of the music industry will be sure to motivate your members and take your society to the next level.

Business Society Speakers

A presentation provided by an industry guru, a Q&A event with a business expert, a keynote speech presented by one of the Dragon's from Dragons Den: Inspire your society members and expand your knowledge of business and commerce.

Historical Society Speakers

We offer a wide range of specialist historians for all interests and passions. Whether you're studying a specific period or simply interested in a historical event, hiring a specialist historian ensures insight and knowledge.

Sports Society Speakers

Olympic medalists, current footballers and Wimbledon Champions, our vast selection of elite sportspeople provide insight and experience into the world of professional sports. Motivate your society members and experience the world of professional sport.

Culinary Society Speakers

We offer Michelin Star chefs, celebrity restauranteurs and iconic television judges. We provide chefs of all specialities and practices, ensuring there's the ideal candidate for every cooking-based society.

Get in touch

For more information regarding hiring a university society speaker, please speak to a member of our Customer Services Team. Whether you have a specific request in mind, or just wish to hear more about the services we offer, our team of industry professional staff will be on hand to assist you. Elevate your society to the next level and hire a keynote speaker for your event.

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