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Virtual Events are here to stay

When the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic struck in 2020, businesses were forced to abandon in-person corporate events and move such occasions online. Businesses had no choice but to adapt corporate events, team building days, and employee celebrations, moving such occasions into the virtual world. Despite initially being greeted with varying degrees of scepticism, virtual corporate events have proved an invaluable asset to businesses around the world. From high-end client cooking experiences to ZOOM meet and greets, informal Q&A's to employee cocktail-making experiences; virtual events have transformed corporate entertainment. Whilst in-person experiences are gradually seeping back into the corporate calendar, they won't replace virtual events; rather, physical and virtual eventing will coexist. In truth, it is not that virtual events are better than in-person events or vice-versa, more so, online and physical are fundamentally different, each with their individual features, advantages and drawbacks. For example, if a company was having a small-scale employee awards evening, an in-person keynote speaker would be appropriate; conversely, if a large-scale multinational conglomerate wanted to put on an event for employees around the globe, virtual entertainment would be more suitable. With the virtual event industry projected to grow over 20% in the next 7 years, one thing is certain; virtual events are here to stay.


What is a Virtual Event?

A virtual event is an arranged gathering that convenes online rather than at a physical location. Unlike in-person events, virtual events aren't geographically restrictive; attendees from all over the world can participate, providing they have access to the internet.

The Benefits of Virtual Eventing

A virtual event is an arranged gathering that convenes online rather than at a physical location. Unlike in-person events, virtual events aren't geographically restrictive; attendees from all over the world can participate, providing they have access to the internet.

4 Advantages of Online Events


Virtual events are considerably more cost-effective than their in-person counterparts. Companies do not need to hire a venue, pay for attendees' accommodation and travel expenses, or hire members to staff the event.


Planning an in-person event takes time and effort. Finding an appropriate venue, hiring staff and arranging travel can be an arduous and lengthy procedure. A virtual event takes minutes to set up, allowing employees to focus on more urgent matters.

Global Relationships

Unlike in-person events, virtual events can be accessed by attendees from all over the globe. This allows companies to interact with employees and clients who would ordinarily be unable to attend physical events.


Planning and executing an in-person event can be an arduous affair. Travel disruption, no-show guests, and unforeseen circumstances can quickly sap the enjoyment out of the event. Virtual events are effortless to set up, easy to access, and available to attendees from all over the globe.

Varieties of Virtual Events

Virtual Networking Events- Virtual networking events are the perfect way to interact with industry gurus, potential clients and prospective employees.

Virtual Roundtables- Virtual Roundtables allow participants to network, learn and engage in a specific topic.

Virtual Conferences- Virtual conferences allow businesses to bring leaders, workers and dependable clients together in a presentation of industry and achievement.

Virtual Teambuilding- Whether it's a virtual cooking class, wellness and wellbeing course, or employee personal training, teambuilding exercises can work wonders for staff morale.

Webinars- A host will present a seminar on a specific topic. Webinars are perfect for large-scale virtual events.

Hybrid Events

Hybrid corporate events integrate in-person and virtual domains. For example, overseas partners could access and contribute towards an in-person business gathering of participants via video conferencing software. Whether it's an employee team building day, a webinar from an industry guru, or a simple meet and greet event; hybrid corporate events allow participants from all over the globe to experience the occasion.

Get in touch today

Virtual events are flexible and cost-effective, allowing companies to expand their reach globally. For more information about virtual and hybrid corporate events, get in touch with our Customer Services Team today. Our team of industry professionals will be happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.

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During the Covid pandemic, a new type of experience was born – Virtual Celebrity Experiences! With more people working from home, our special and exclusive range of Virtual Celebrity Experiences and Virtual Corporate Events were enjoyed across the world during covid and still are! They are still as popular as they were in 2020. From virtual cook-alongs with Celebrity Chefs, inspirational virtual Celebrity Speakers, virtual magic shows, virtual dance masterclasses, to virtual wine tastings. Get in touch with the Celebrity-Experiences team today to discuss booking both private and virtual corporate experiences to keep your team entertained at home.

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