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Virtual Tours of US National Parks

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Explore Our Top 5 Virtual Tours of US National Parks

At this time of year, people would ordinarily be looking forward to the summer holidays. 6 weeks of adventure, travelling to exotic locations, encountering new cultures and experiencing new sites. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 Coronavirus has other plans. Holidays have been postponed, flights have been cancelled and cruise ship itineraries have been aborted. The stringent social distancing measures synonymous with the COVID-19 Coronavirus have made travelling nigh on impossible. However, just because you can't leave your house, doesn't mean you can't experience new locations.

Take a virtual tour of a US National Park and experience awe-inspiring sites from the comfort of your living room. You can experience virtual tours through your phone, laptop or virtual reality headset. These free, online travel experiences allow virtual travellers to experience National Parks in unprecedented detail. Through utilising multimedia experiences, webcam technology, 360-degree photos, surround sound and virtual reality software, virtual travellers can interact with their chosen National Park on an extraordinary level. Imagine watching Yellowstone's Old Faithful erupt from the comfort of your settee. Imagine taking an e-cruise around Acadia National Park whilst relaxing in your living room. Imagine hiking the Grand Canyon's Bright Angel Trail whilst preparing dinner.

Here at Celebrity-Experiences, we pride ourselves on delivering truly awe-inspiring experiences to our customer base. Due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus we have adapted our service, pioneering a range of virtual experiences for both personal and corporate occasions. At this time, remaining positive and hopeful is more important than ever. Take a break from the monotony of quarantine life and embark on a virtual fieldtrip. Here are our Top 5 Virtual Tours of National Parks:

Virtual Tours

A Virtual Trek of the Grand Canyon

There are numerous virtual tours of Arizona attractions available, however, none more awe-inspiring than the Grand Canyon VR experience. Thanks to Google Earth's virtual fieldtrip of the Grand Canyon, you can experience the iconic location without leaving your living room. Enjoy the Hopi Point, Desert View Watchtower, Grandview Point and the Bright Angel Trail from the comfort of your settee. There are 18 stop off points throughout Google Earth's virtual trek of the Grand Canyon, allowing users to digest the panoramic views in all their beauty. The immersive tour allows users to digitally explore a variety of stunning sites, including The Abyss, Kaibab Suspension Bridge and Moran Point. Unleash your inner adventurer and enjoy a free virtual tour of the Grand Canyon from the comfort of your own home. Google's 360-degree virtual tour gives you the chance to experience the canyon's many trails and iconic sites.

Virtual tour of the Grand Canyon includes:

  • 18 Stop Online Travel Experience
  • Google Street View Trek along the Bright Angel Trailhead
  • An immersive exploration of iconic landmarks: The Abyss, Kaibab Suspension Bridge and Moran Point
  • Experience a virtual archaeological dig
  • 'River-View' 360-degree Virtual Tour of Grand Canyon

Virtual Tour of the Grand Canyon

Scale a Mountain at Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is a wondrous natural landscape in California's Sierra Nevada mountains. It is known for its stunning waterfalls, deep valleys and daunting towering monoliths. One of its most notable features is the El Capitan rock formation, a 900-metre tall near-vertical cliff face. Thanks to Google Street View Treks, you can virtually climb the El Capitan cliff face from your armchair. On this virtual trek, you'll be accompanied by US climber Lynn Hill, the first person to free-climb the infamous Nose route. On your virtual trek, you'll learn the skills, equipment and technique needed to perform such a daunting climb. This free 360-degree virtual tour is not to be missed.

Virtual tour of Yosemite National Park includes:

  • Interactive journey up El Capitan
  • 360-degree imagery of Yosemite National Park
  • Sound effects of Nevada Fall and Ahwahnee Meadow
  • Virtual Reality Experience: Rock formation Climb
  • Google Earth Tour of Yosemite Valley

Virtual Tour of Yosemite National Park

E-Cruise of Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is one of Maine's most famous landmarks. Its diverse landscape offers some of the most stunning views in the US. Google Earth and Google Arts and Culture are now offering virtual tours of Acadia National Park. The interactive 360-degree interface allows users to explore 9 areas of Acadia National Park, including Sand Beach, Thunder Hole and Otter Cliff.

Thanks to the National Park Service, you can explore Acadia National Park through an interactive e-cruise. Your interactive tour will begin in Bar Harbour, before embarking on a virtual tour of the Gulf of Maine. Keep your eyes peeled for grey seals.

Virtual tour of Acadia National Park includes:

  • E-Cruise along Mount Desert Island
  • 360-degree view of 9 areas
  • An interactive tour of landmarks complete with informational guide
  • 360-degree panoramic views
  • 64.5 Mile Virtual Trek through Acadia National Park

Virtual Tour of Acadia National Park

Online tour of Yellowstone National Park

Google Earth is offering virtual tours of Idaho's Yellowstone National Park. Through utilising interactive 360-degree imagery, you can virtually explore Yellowstone's iconic natural scenery. You can explore Yellowstone National park at your own pace, taking in the awe-inspiring waterfalls, rock formations and natural beauty. This immersive virtual experience lets you watch the buffalo as they roam the terrain, view spraying geysers and traverse the trails around Yellowstone. Furthermore, thanks to yellowstone.org, you can tune into the Old Faithful live webcam as it majestically erupts. Are you ready to watch the iconic eruption of Old Faithful from the comfort of your living room?

Virtual Tour of Yellowstone National Park includes:

  • Live webcam of Old Faithful Eruption
  • 360-degree interactive imagery
  • Three-dimensional view of Yellowstone's most famous attractions
  • Satellite imagery of the parks iconic waterfalls, geysers and basins
  • Immersive wildlife experience

Virtual Tour of Yellowstone National Park

Digital Tour of Rocky Mountain National Park

Experience a virtual field trip through Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park with Google Earth and Google Arts and Culture. The park is renowned for its iconic scenery and stunning mountain trails. Virtually trek the East Longs Peak Trail, experience the high-altitude Chasm Lake, and enjoy the cinematic views of the Lava Cliffs. Through utilising 360-degree panoramic photography, you can view the Rocky Mountain National Park in all its glory. Enjoy the iconic mountains, picturesque lakes and awe-inspiring river views. Your virtual tour will include 12 stop-off points, including Medicine Bow Curve, Milner Pass and Alpine Visitor Center.

Virtual Tour of Rocky Mountain National Park includes:

  • 360-degree cinematic imagery
  • Stop-off points at 12 iconic locations
  • Immersive panoramic views
  • Satellite imagery of the forest and alpine tundra
  • Three-dimensional views of lakes and mountains

Virtual Tour of Rocky Mountain National Park


No travelling, no weather dependency, no permission slips. Online travel experiences are a perfect way to experience awe-inspiring sites from the comfort of your own home. Thanks to virtual experiences, you can embark on truly unprecedented adventures, encountering awe-inspiring scenery and confronting jaw-dropping sites. Virtual tours are the ideal way to broaden your horizons during the lockdown. These educational field trips are perfect for all age groups and occasions. For more information regarding virtual tours, or to hear about our bespoke selection of virtual experiences, please get in contact with our Customer Service Team today.

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