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What next for live music?

The COVID-19 Coronavirus saw the postponement of gigs, concerts and live music. The short-term impact was inconvenient, to say the least, however, the long-term impact on the live music industry could be truly catastrophic. With fans turning their attention to streaming services, virtual concerts and online gigs, will fans ever return to the live music industry? Will they feel truly safe packed into the crowded arena? Will they be willing to pay the often exorbitant prices in order to watch their favourite band perform?

Legal streaming services marked a transformative change in the music industry, allowing breakthrough artists to sell their material whilst simultaneously making a name for themselves. Despite the many good aspects of legal streaming services, they are undoubtedly detrimental to the live entertainment eco-system. Live concerts brought in money to music venues, made money through selling merchandise and put iconic arenas on the map. The COVID-19 Coronavirus has hampered live music further, with even the most optimistic projections estimating it will be almost 2 years before large-scale concerts and gigs can return.

Like many other industries, live music is now reliant on their virtual counterparts. Live-streaming and pay-per-view gigs seem the only plausible solution to such a problem. Throughout lockdown, virtual concerts were incredibly popular, however, are they truly a longterm solution? Yes, it's somewhat intriguing that you can witness your favourite band performing from the comfort of your living room, but does it really match the adrenaline-fuelled experience of an in-person gig? Though A-List music icons can no doubt make virtual concerts work, without a live audience, virtual concerts are fundamentally unable to revive the live music industry.

'Compromise' and 'Adaption' have been words synonymous with the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Whilst not ideal, these attitudes will be essential in the revival of the music industry. Whether it'll be reduced capacity concerts, virtual gigs or geo-fencing tours, fans will have to be both patient and loyal to their industry. Whilst live music's revival is a thing for the future, it's essential for the research, ground-work and fundamentals to be tested as soon as possible.


Hire a Celebrity Band to promote your business

Hiring a top-name group for your event ensures an unforgettable occasion. It will help publicise your show and guarantees your company trending on social media.

Famous groups often have a huge fan base. Hiring a celebrity band for your function guarantees a real publicity buzz for your company. Celebrity-Experiences.com has a great selection of pop bands available. They are guaranteed to add a real touch of star quality to your occasion.

We can book a celebrity band from any genre of music that will be perfect for your activity. You can talk to our team about more advanced hiring options, from full music performances to an intimate meet and greet.

We can make special arrangements for celebrity band hire to ensure you have an evening to treasure and remember.

How much to hire famous bands?

The cost of celebrity band hire can vary enormously and much depends on their celebrity status.

Celebrity-Experiences.com negotiates directly with agents, so fees are rarely decided in advance.

Regular successful chart-toppers can be hired for £20k to £1million, with the price determined by their popularity and size of the fan base. On the other hand, TV award show winners or famous band members may put in an appearance for up to £10k.

Please speak to the Celebrity-Experiences.com team about the cost of celebrity band hire. Apart from the appearance fee, there may be other costs to consider such as stage set-up, lighting, event location etc.

Whatever the occasion, whatever the budget, hire a celebrity band today and make your event truly unforgettable.

Hire a famous band for a party

Celebrity-Experiences.com may want to hire a legendary band for a private party such as an engagement, wedding, birthday or special anniversary. Whatever the event, we can employ stars from the music world who will bring a touch of star quality to any occasion, taking the stage to perform an array of hits or mingling with guests

If you have any questions about booking a famous band or celebrity band hire, please don't hesitate to contact our team today.

Virtual Celebrity Experiences
Born in Covid, Here to stay!

During the Covid pandemic, a new type of experience was born – Virtual Celebrity Experiences! With more people working from home, our special and exclusive range of Virtual Celebrity Experiences and Virtual Corporate Events were enjoyed across the world during covid and still are! They are still as popular as they were in 2020. From virtual cook-alongs with Celebrity Chefs, inspirational virtual Celebrity Speakers, virtual magic shows, virtual dance masterclasses, to virtual wine tastings. Get in touch with the Celebrity-Experiences team today to discuss booking both private and virtual corporate experiences to keep your team entertained at home.

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Whether you want to hire a celebrity for a corporate event or book a celebrity for a personal engagement; Celebrity-Experiences.com can make your dreams a reality. We provide unprecedented access to the best and most-famous celebrity talent in the world for private and corporate events across the globe. Whether you want a Hollywood icon to give an after-dinner speech at your corporate event, a celebrity chef to cook for you and your guests, or you simply want a meet and greet with your favourite pop star or band; get in touch with the Celebrity Experiences team today and we'll get started curating a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The only limit is your imagination.

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