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Rahul Mandal is a television personality and baker known for winning the ninth series of Channel Four's The Great British Bake Off. Rahul Mandal came to the United Kingdom in 2010, gaining a scholarship to study a PhD in Optical Metrology at Loughborough University. His thesis related to the Calibration and Adjustment of Coherence Scanning Interferometry. After winning the ninth series of Channel Fours The Great British Bake Off, Rahul Mandal signed as a columnist for The Times Magazine. He has also appeared on ITV's This Morning.

FAQ on booking Rahul Mandal

Can I book Rahul Mandal for my private event?

Of course, through Celebrity Experiences, you are able to book Rahul Mandal for both personal and corporate events. If you are interested in booking Rahul Mandal or wish to find out more about the services we offer please contact our team today. Our team will be happy to help you with your booking and provide information regarding the extensive range of luxury experiences we offer.

What services could Rahul Mandal provide?

Bake-along with Rahul Mandal
Meet and greet guests
Virtual baking lesson
Bake-Off event hosted by Rahul Mandal
An informal Q&A session

Can I hire Rahul Mandal for my company event?

Yes, Celebrity-Experiences.com gives you the chance to book Rahul Mandal for both personal and corporate events. Whether you want Rahul Mandal to meet and greet guests, present an after-dinner keynote speech, or host a virtual baking team-building day; get in touch today. Here at Celebrity-Experiences.com, we offer the most exclusive luxury experiences on the market. We specialise in celebrity hire and exclusive experience days, with every project fully bespoke. Are you ready to supercharge your corporate event? For more information, please get in touch today.

Book Rahul Mandal for a corporate engagement

If you hire Rahul Mandal for your corporate event, there are several services he could provide:

Present employee awards
Host a Virtual bake-along
Meet and greet clients and staff
Keynote Speech Services
Informal ZOOM Q&A

How much will it cost to hire Rahul Mandal?

All our luxury experiences we provide are completely bespoke and customised to the client's demands. There are numerous variables, add-ons and optional extras that determine the final price of an event. For an accurate quote, please contact the Celebrity-Experiences.com customer team today. They will be happy to answer any questions or queries you may have. The world of luxury experiences is only a click away.

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Please contact our team today to discuss your requirements.
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