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Heston Blumenthal is a trailblazer in the culinary world. The celebrity chef is the owner of The Fat Duck, Berkshire; one of only five restaurants in the UK to hold three Michelin Stars. Through producing dishes such-as 'Bacon-Egg Ice cream' and 'Snail Porridge,' he has reinvented flavour-pairings, the dining experience and cuisine as we know it. Blumenthal has also incorporated the use of sound in his dining experience. His 'Sound of the Sea' dish, is served with IPod's, which play sounds of waves crashing, children laughing and seagulls squawking.

At 16, Heston Blumenthal pursued work in London kitchens. However, he was considered too young. Undeterred, he set about teaching himself the techniques and rudiments behind French cuisine. He worked odd jobs to fund trips to France; visiting butchers, vineyards and restaurants to enhance is knowledge of French cuisine. His long and arduous journey culminated in 1995 when he opened his first restaurant, The Fat Duck. The rest, they say, is history. By its 10th anniversary, it had three Michelin stars and had been named Restaurant Magazine's 'Best Restaurant in the World.'

Heston Blumenthal's pursuits of culinary perfection are documented in his television program 'Heston's Feasts' and his weekly column for The Sunday Times. After being knighted by Her Majesty The Queen for his contributions to British gastronomy, Heston Blumenthal sought to explore the culinary history of Britain. His current menu includes 'Mock Turtle Soup' and the same Beef Royal dish that served at James II's coronation in 1685.

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