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Nobu Matsuhisa is an iconic Japanese celebrity chef and restaurateur. He world-renowned fusion cuisine blends traditional Japenese dishes with Peruvian ingredients. He has restaurants in several countries around the world, with his signature dish, black cod in miso, recognised all over the globe.

After his father's death, Nobu Matsuhisa decided to travel the world, experiencing different countries, cultures and cooking techniques. Throughout his travels, Nobu Matsuhisa witnessed the wide reaches of poverty and hunger, this influenced his efforts later in life to give back to local communities in the form of business ventures.

Aged 24, Nobu Matsuhisa was asked to open a Japanese restaurant in Peru. Unable to obtain traditional ingredients, Nobu Matsuhisa had to improvise and use Peruvian ingredients for his dishes. This ultimately led to his signature brand of fusion cooking.

Aside from cooking, Nobu Matsuhisa has also starred in 3 films: Casino (1995), Austin Powers Goldmember (2002), and Memories of Geisha (2005).

FAQ on booking Nobu Matsuhisa

Can I book Nobu Matsuhisa for a private event?

Yes, you can book Nobu Matsuhisa for both private and corporate events. If you wish to hire Nobu Matsuhisa, please contact our team today. They will be happy to help you with your booking and provide information regarding the extensive range of luxury experiences we offer.

What services could Nobu Matsuhisa provide?

Cooking experience with Nobu Matsuhisa
Meet and greet guests
ZOOM cooking class
Meet Nobu Matsuhisa for dinner
An informal Q&A session

Can I hire Nobu Matsuhisa for my company event?

Yes, Celebrity-Experiences.com gives you the chance to book Nobu Matsuhisa for your corporate event. Nowadays, companies are going to great lengths to make their company occasions stand out. Here at Celebrity-Experiences, we offer bespoke corporate events to companies around the globe. We specialise in celebrity hire, with every project fully bespoke. Are you ready to meet Nobu Matsuhisa? Are you ready to supercharge your corporate event? For more information, please get in touch today.

Hire Nobu Matsuhisa for my corporate engagement

If I hire Nobu Matsuhisa for my corporate event, what sort of services could he provide?
Present employee awards
Host a teambuilding day
Meet and greet clients and staff
Talk about his culinary experiences

How much will it cost to hire a celebrity chef?

All the luxury experiences we provide are completely bespoke and fully customised to the client's demands. There are numerous variables, add-ons and optional extras that determine the final price of an event. For an accurate quote, please contact the Celebrity-Experiences.com customer team today. They will be happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.

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Please contact our team today to discuss your requirements.
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