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Andre Rieu is a prodigious violinist and conductor from the Netherlands. He is best known for creating the world-renowned John Strauss Orchestra. Andre Rieu and the John Strauss orchestra have managed to transform classical music into a worldwide concert attraction, drawing in as many fans as some of the worlds biggest pop stars.

Andre Rieu and his orchestra have performed across all continents, attracting crowds and revenues similar to that of the biggest pop superstars. In 2009, Andre Rieu was the most successful male touring artist.

According to Classic FM, Andrei Rieu has a net worth in excess of $40 million.

FAQ about hiring Andre Rieu

Hire Andre Rieu for a private function

If you want to book Alfie Rieu for your private event, please contact our Customer Services Team today.

Ideas for private events

Violin Lesson with Andre Rieu
Private Concert
Meet Andrei Rieu for a meal
Meet and Greet
Informal Q&A session

Can I book Andrei Rieu for a Corporate Engagement?

Yes, Andre Rieu is available to hire for both personal and corporate engagements. Whether you want Andrei Rieu to perform at your corporate event, VIP hospitality at a John Strauss Orchestra concert or you simply want an informal meet and greet with Andrei Rieu, get in touch with Celebrity-Experiences.com today. Imagine your employees faces as they watch Andrei Rieu perform. Imagine how your clients will react as they are greeted by Andrei Rieu. Imagine the social media buzz caused by Andrei Rieu performing at your event. Step into the world of exclusive corporate entertainment and hire Andrei Rieu today.

Hire Andrei Rieu for a Corporate Engagement.

If you hire Andrei Rieu for a business engagement, there are various services he could provide.

Performance by Andrei Rieu
Meet and Greet
Andre Rieu to present employee awards
After-Dinner keynote speech
VIP Hospitality at a John Strauss Orchestra concert

How much does it cost to hire Andrei Rieu?

Unfortunately, there is no set-fee in regard to hiring Andrei Rieu. There are numerous factors that will determine the price of your event. For accurate pricing information, please speak to our Customer Services Team today. They will be thrilled to answer any questions you may have.

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