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John Parrott is a former professional snooker player and television personality from England. He was a regular fixture on the professional snooker circuit during the 1980s and 1990s. Throughout this period, John Parrott remained in the top 20 of the world snooker rankings for 14 consecutive seasons.

John Parrott reached his first World Snooker Championship final in 1989, losing to Steve Davis. He went onto win the World Snooker Championship two years later in 1991, defeating Jimmy White to take home the trophy. He went onto beat Jimmy White later that year, to win the 1991 UK Championship Snooker title, thus becoming only the third player in the history of the game to win both championships in the same year.

Throughout his illustrious career, John Parrott spent three seasons at number 2 in the world rankings. He is also one of only a handle of players to achieve more than 200 centuries throughout his career.

FAQ on hiring John Parrott

Can I book John Parrott for a personal engagement?

Yes, it's possible to book John Parrott for both private and corporate occasions. Are you ready to meet a snooker legend? If so, get in touch with our Customer Service Team and hire John Parrott today. Our team will be happy to answer any questions and tell you about the full range of luxury experiences we offer.

What might John Parrott bring to my event?

Play snooker with John Parrott
A snooker masterclass
Get VIP tickets to watch the Snooker World Championship
Meet John Parrott for dinner
An informal Q&A session with the snooker legend

Hire John Parrott for my corporate engagement

John Parrott is one of the most iconic snooker players of all time. Here at Celebrity-Experiences, we are giving you the chance to book John Parrottfor your corporate event. Whether it's an after-dinner speech, an employee snooker tournament, or simply the opportunity to play snooker, make your corporate event truly unforgettable.

Celebrity-Experiences.com provides exclusive luxury experiences with an emphasis on A-List celebrity hire. Are you ready to enjoy our luxury experiences? If so, get in touch with our Customer Service Team today. Our team will assist you in every which way. The world of luxury experiences is only a click away

Book John Parrott for your Corporate Event.

If you book John Parrott for your corporate event, there are several services could he provide

What services could John Parrott provide?

After-dinner keynote speech
Employee snooker tournament
Team building with John Parrott
Celebrity endorsement services
ZOOM Q&A session

What does it cost to hire John Parrott?

All our luxury experiences are bespoke and fully customised to the client's wishes, so there may be a variety of add-ons and optional extras to consider. For accurate pricing, please speak to a member of our Customer Service Team.

Please contact our team today to discuss your requirements.
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