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The Partnership

Celebrity-Experiences.com are proud to announce an official partnership with Virgin Experience Days. As industry pioneers, Virgin Experience Days have revolutionised the experience day market, connecting clients with unique experiences for almost two decades. Here at Celebrity-Experiences.com, we are proud to offer unprecedented experience days and introductions to some of the worlds most famous celebrities. As industry trailblazers in this market, we are looking forward to working with a fellow trendsetting company.

Your questions answered

The History of Virgin Experience Days

Virgin Experience Days launched in 1989 as Acorne Sports. It was only in 2001 that it changed it's name to 'Virgin Experience.' At that time it catered predominantly to corporate clients with it's business localised mainly to the London area. Throughout the noughties, Virgin began to expand their range of experiences and clientele. In the summer of 2018, Virgin Experience rebranded to become Virgin Experience Days.

What are Virgin Experience Days?

Whether it's a high-octane driving experience, a relaxing spa day, or an exquisite dining event; Virgin Experience Days have something for everyone. With over 2000 unique experiences available, booking an experience day has never been so easy.

Are there any specific events you are partnering for?

Yes, as official partners, Celebrity-Experiences.com and Virgin Experience Days are partnering for the following events:
Tom Kerridge Cooking Experience Day, Drive with Ben Collins AKA The Stig, and Culinary Masterclass with Simon Rimmer.

Why is this partnership so exciting?

It's simple: Virgin Experience Days are global leaders in the experience day market, and Celebrity-Experiences.com have a roster of unprecedented experiences and access to top A-list celebrities. Working together, we can provide truly unimaginable experiences.

Why choose a Virgin/Celebrity-Experiences.com event?

As partners, we offer an array of truly unprecedented experiences. Our selection of experiences means there's something for everyone; whatever the event, whatever the budget. So, whether you want to cook with Tim Kerridge, drive with The Stig or experience fine dining with Simon Rimmer, make sure to get in touch today.

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