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Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Events

Constantly creating unique corporate entertainment ideas for companies wanting to impress their clients and employees is a tough but rewarding task. Make your company really stand out by activating a corporate Celebrity-Experiences.com for your company. You can then enjoy unprecedented access to top star celebrities and other public figures.

Alongside our core offering of Hollywood movie stars are sports champions including tennis champions, international footballers, Formula One racing drivers and the world's top pop celebrities and bands.

We can help your company to formulate the best corporate entertainment ideas, the most exciting corporate gifts and events.

Stuck for some high-class corporate entertainment events? Why not check out some ideas here:

Business Entertainment Ideas

Need to celebrate? Hire a celebrity dance group?

You can hire a celebrity dance group for your chosen corporate event. We can engage the world's best dance groups in any dance form or style. You may want to hire celebrity dancers to make an appearance, to open the dancing, or put on a full dance performance. You can invite a celebrity ballet dancer to attend your birthday party, or hire a dance troupe to round off your annual general meeting. Get help with unique corporate entertainment ideas today.

Fancy a laugh? Hire a world-class comedian

What good is a day of hard work if you cannot laugh at the end of it? What fun is work if you don't let go and unwind for a while? Why not hire a celebrity comedian of your choice for your corporate event, product launch, private party, birthday or anniversary.

Perhaps you want some entertainment to spice up an important meeting at a business retreat or for a comedy performance at your home, office, vacation resort or yacht?

You can hire a celebrity comedian as the star attraction or book a celebrity comedian to highlight a memorable party. You can hire a local comedian for corporate entertainment or a top-flight comedian to create a laugh riot.

Whatever your corporate entertainment needs or events, we can hire a celebrity comedian of your choice.

Need some glamour? Hire a reality TV star

Celebrities can bed the star attraction of any corporate event. They make heads turn, set cameras clicking, people stop dead in their tracks and prompt an eruption of immense joy among those in attendance. It is not without reason why UHNWIs around the world opt for celebrities to appear at their special events. Stars can turn a successful celebration into one of the most amazing experiences ever.

We work with a vast array of reality TV stars. We can hire the most famous soap actors and the big-name reality TV stars from across the medium. Ever fancied having a Made in Chelsea star host your next event? Or maybe an icon from Coronation Street, Eastenders, Britain's Got Talent or an X-Factor winner. Our list of available reality TV stars for hire is extensive.

We can help with entertainment ideas for your next corporate event. Celebrities or reality stars can be on hand for meet-and-greet sessions; they can talk about their careers, offer active advice or simply create a stir among your guests.

Celebrities, including reality TV stars, can offer career advice to employees – the essence of struggle and achievement is universal no matter what the background. From Q&A with celebrities to exclusive private dinners, from company launches to endorsing products we can book a reality TV star that fits perfectly with your company identity and aspirations.

Reach for the stars. Hire a sports personality

Who doesn't love sports? You may like tennis or prefer golf; you may revel in rugby or be an avid footballing fan. Every game has its followers and celebrating the spirit, dedication and accomplishments of a sports star is an excellent way to enhance a corporate event or private party.

UHNWIs are always looking for amazing experiences. Witnessing the mundane is not something that UHNWIs enjoy. With that in mind why not start organising bespoke experiences and unique corporate entertainment ideas from the celebrity sports world.

We can arrange for sports celebrity appearances for events of all kinds. Our clients can sign up for exclusive training sessions with a football celebrity or invite sports personalities to talk about their career, shed light on their struggles and offer advice on significant challenges. You can have meet-and-greets with sports stars and athletes, have a private lunch or dinner, get them to endorse your brand or just be present to help launch your new company.

With access to a network of personalities from all areas of sport, from horse jockeys to international footballers, from PGA golfers to world-class sprinters, from rugby legends to title-winning boxers, your truly memorable experience can be booked with ease. We specialise in celebrity appearance at corporate events and private parties of all kinds. You can invite a celebrity to a traditional party or join you for an intimate lunch or dinner engagement. You can even bring a company sports team to play against the pros. Discuss any of your corporate entertainment ideas with our specialists today.

Want winning ideas? Hire an Olympic athlete

Corporate entertainment has undergone a substantial transformation over the years. There was a time when magic shows and musicians performing at galas was terrific corporate entertainment. Nowadays you need to wow your guests.

We can organise Olympic athletes, gold medal winners and true champions at Rio, London and Beijing to speak at your corporate event. The athletes can talk about their careers, what fuels their passion, how they manage to keep up with the gruelling demands of their profession.

Stories of Herculean struggle, overcoming the odds and emerging as a true champion are always inspirational. Successful people invariably have valuable advice to share. We can enhance the value of your unique corporate entertainment and turn it into a truly fantastic experience.

Organise appearances of celebrated athletes to engage in private meet-and-greets, Q&A sessions, luncheons and dinners through a single point of contact. You can have the Olympians exclusively for your corporate event. The arrival of an Olympic athlete will not only make your corporate event an amazing and unique experience, but it can also motivate staff and invigorate employees.

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