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News and Insights from the Celebrity Experiences Team
Formula One Experience Days

Track day with a formula one racing driver Imagine getting driving hints and tips from some of the best-known racing drivers in the world. Celebrity-Experiences.com offers the most amazing car racing track experience days, from driving a specially adapted F1 car to having lunch with of the world's

Play golf with famous Golfer

A round of golf with a top golfer Are you looking for that perfect gift for the golfer in your family? Are you searching for a unique golf experience day? Are you trying to find a gift for someone who has everything? Here at Celebrity-Experiences.com, we can offer the dream luxury gift for the amateur

Kick About With A Premier League Footballer

Kick-About with a Premier League Footballer Are you looking for that perfect gift for a football fan? Are you struggling to find the ideal anniversary gift for your football-mad husband? Are you trying to buy a present for someone who has everything? Hire a Premier League footballer through Celebrity-Experiences.com

Singing Lessons From A Pop Star

Learn to sing with a pop idol Famous pop singers can do more than thrill the crowds with live performances or produce top-selling albums. Many household-name artists are available to join their fans for intimate singing sessions, giving lessons on vocal performance or simply joining admirers for singing

Hire a Symphony Orchestra

Hire A Famous Symphony Orchestra Do you find it hard to make your events exciting and impressive? Why not consider hiring a famous symphony orchestra to add a new dimension to your occasion? Hiring a symphony orchestra will undoubtedly provide an immersive audience experience. Celebrity-Experiences.com

Performance by a celebrity band

Hire a Celebrity Band Do you want to give your next event a real edge? Do you want your event to trend on social media? Do you want to create a real buzz amongst your guests? If so, get in touch with Celebrity-Experiences.com and book a celebrity band for your event. Maybe you want to hire a band

Dine Out With An A-list Actor

Experience day meal with a famous actor Have you ever imagined inviting your favourite actor to join you for a meal? Maybe you would like an A-list actor to attend your next corporate function or you wish to hire a celebrity for a private event with family and friends? Celebrity-Experiences.com

A day with a Film Director

Enjoy a masterclass with a top film director Are you looking for a gift for someone who has everything? Are they the biggest film buff you know? Why not hire a top movie director and let the recipient of this luxury gift experience feel as if they are among the top Hollywood celebrities, mentored by

A Day With A Hollywood Star

Coaching lessons from Hollywood actors Are you looking for a luxury gift experience for an aspiring actor? Are you wondering how you can improve your acting skills? If so, then why not consider booking a bespoke acting masterclass with your favourite Hollywood actor? There is no better way to pick

Experience Days

Enjoy Experience Days with celebrities A kick about with a Premier League footballer. A singing lesson from Pop Star. A private dining experience with Celebrity Chefs. Here at Celebrity-Experiences.com, we excel in providing unprecedented VIP Experiences to our members. Our unrivalled celebrity experience

Experience Days For Families

Experience Day Gifts for families In life, there is nothing more important than family. Spending time with those close to you is one of life's true gifts. Nevertheless, deciding what to do with your loved ones can be an arduous task. Finding a day out that caters for all the family can seem nigh-on

Experience Days For Her

Luxury Experience Days For Her Is Valentine's Day fast approaching? Is a special wedding anniversary coming up? Are you searching for the perfect way to show that special woman in your life that you care? Look no further. Celebrity-Experiences.com offers an unprecedented selection of experience

Experience Days For Him

Experience Day Gifts for Him Finding the perfect gift for that special man can be a difficult task; made nigh on impossible when that person has everything money can buy. There is, after all, only so many pairs of cufflinks a man can wear. Here at Celebrity-Experiences.com, we specialise in providing

Virtual Events Are Here To Stay

Virtual Events are here to stay When the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic struck in 2020, businesses were forced to abandon in-person corporate events and move such occasions online. Businesses had no choice but to adapt corporate events, team building days, and employee celebrations, moving such occasions

HD filming and HD audio

HD filming and HD audio- Creating Immersive Experiences At Celebrity-Experiences, we understand the importance of elite filming and audio quality. Whether it's a pre-recorded experience, a live virtual experience, or a client VT, we offer professional standard filming and audio. Using multiple

Virtual Experience Ingredient Hampers and Experience Gift Boxes

Virtual Experience Ingredient Hampers and Experience Gift Boxes Nowadays, companies are going to unprecedented lengths to arrange incredible corporate events. Whether it be an iconic after-dinner speaker, a luxury company getaway or an unrivalled employee celebration, the corporate entertainment industry

Private Dining Experiences In Your Home

Private Dining Experiences Are you tired of having to book months in advance to enjoy high-quality cuisine? Are you weary of being crammed into a packed restaurant? Do you want a more personal dining experience whilst enjoying first-class food? With Celebrity-Experiences' private dining experiences,

Booking a Celebrity Chef

Hire a Michelin Star Celebrity Chef for your event The Oscar of cooking. The Olympic Gold of the culinary world. The blue ribbon of cuisine. A Michelin Star is the highest praise a chef can get, reflecting years of dedication to the culinary craft. Though there are many apt chefs in the world, only

The History of Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The History of Edinburgh Fringe Festival Edinburgh Fringe Festival dates back to 1947, when 8 theatrical groups turned up uninvited to perform at the Edinburgh International Festival. The Edinburgh International Festival had been created after the Second World War, with the festival aiming to celebrate

Hire a Sports Celebrity

Hire a Sports Personality Athletes and sports personalities are amongst the most sought-after celebrities when it comes to hosting corporate events. They are ideally placed to host events due to their vast array of transferable skills. Whether you want your chosen athlete to meet and greet a potential

The 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics

The 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics The 2020 Summer Olympics were due to take place in Tokyo between the 24th of July and the 9th of August. As a result of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, the games have been postponed. They will now take place between the 23rd of July and the 8th of August 2021. This

The Top 5 Golf Courses in the world

The Top 5 Golf Courses in the world The iconic game of golf combines athletic prowess with tactical subtlety. It requires unprecedented levels of dedication, hard work and concentration. It is one of the few sports that is playable at any age, any skill level and whatever the weather. The beauty of

2022 FIFA World Cup

2022 FIFA World Cup The 2022 FIFA World Cup will be the 22nd edition of the elite quadrennial competition. Taking place in Qatar, the 2022 FIFA World Cup will be the first World Cup to be held in an Arab country and the first in a Muslim-majority country. It will also be only the second time the tournament

Should Formula One go Electric?

Formula One's Electric Revolution April 1st 2019 marked a new dawn of F1 racing. Sporting body FIA announced that the FIA Formula One World Championship will be switching to completely electric engines by 2021. Despite initial question marks over the capability of electric engines in the F1 Championships,

Has Coronavirus saved Classical Music?

How Coronavirus has changed Classical Music From living room concerts to behind-the-scenes theatre access, prodigious one-on-one insights to virtual concert hall tours, the COVID-19 Coronavirus has transmogrified the world of classical music. It should come as no surprise the extent which COVID-19

What next for live music?

What next for live music? The COVID-19 Coronavirus saw the postponement of gigs, concerts and live music. The short-term impact was inconvenient, to say the least, however, the long-term impact on the live music industry could be truly catastrophic. With fans turning their attention to streaming services,

COVID's impact on Cinema

How the Coronavirus has affected Cinema The COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic has had a devastating effect on the film industry, mirroring its ruinous impact across all areas of life. Cinemas have been boarded up, theatres temporarily closed and highly anticipated Hollywood Blockbusters postponed indefinitely.

Top 5 Michelin Star Chefs

Who are the Top Michelin Star Chefs? Known as 'The Oscars of the culinary world,' the iconic Michelin Star is the greatest honour any chef can receive. Chefs from across the globe dedicate their lives in the hope that one day they'll receive the prestigious culinary award. Whilst there

Top TV Cooking Competitions

Top TV Cooking Competitions Whether it's Gordon Ramsay tough approach towards the latest batch of Hell's Kitchen recruits or Paul Hollywood's iconic Bake Off handshake, TV cooking competitions offer unrivalled entertainment for the whole family. Though TV cooking competitions aren't

Coronavirus: A Descent into Totalitarianism

Coronavirus: A Descent into Totalitarianism 'To hang on from day to day and from week to week, spinning out a present that had no future' 'In moments of crisis, one is never fighting against an external enemy but always against one's own body' 'If you kept the small rules,

I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here 2020

I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here 2020 I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here is a UK survival reality show produced by ITV. It pits a group of celebrities against each other through a series of challenges and tasks. Celebrities partake in a series of 'Bushtucker trials' and 'Dingo

Strictly Come Dancing 2020 Lineup

Strictly Come Dancing 2020 Lineup Strictly Come Dancing is a British television dancing competition where well-known celebrities partner with professional dancers in a bid to impress the judges. The series first aired in 2004 and over the years has become a British family favourite. With Strictly 2020

Remembering the 2019 Cricket World Cup

Remembering the 2019 Cricket World Cup The 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup Final between England and New Zealand will be remembered as one of, if not the best Cricket World Cup Final of all time. The tension, high-adrenaline pace and last-ditch drama made even the most apathetic sports fan fall in love

The 4 Styles of Boxing

The 4 Styles of Boxing Considering the earliest evidence of boxing dates back to 3000 BC, there's no surprise that boxing techniques and styles have evolved dramatically. As new rules and equipment emerged, different strategies were subsequently utilised. In the upcoming article, we look at the

How to hire a famous band

Hire a famous band for your next event. Every company is now looking to excel when it comes to corporate event ideas in the bid to make their corporate event entertainment special and unique. On the other hand, the event could also be intimate and personal. It could be a private party at your estate,

Celebrity Speakers: The Ultimate Guide

Celebrity Speakers: The Ultimate Guide When you hear the phrase 'keynote speaker', what comes to mind? A tiresome, monotonous speech? A never-ending award ceremony? An unceasing lecture about a banal topic? It's true, keynote speaking has got a bad rep in recent years, with companies hiring

Celebrity Branding

Celebrity Endorsements Celebrity endorsements are a form of marketing strategy which involves using a celebrities fame and influence to promote a business's product or brand. Associating a product with a well-respected celebrity allows companies to build credibility, increase brand awareness and

Virtual Singing Lessons

Virtual Singing Lessons Are you ready to develop your vocal technique? Are you ready to take your voice to the next level? Are you ready to train with world-renowned singing tutors and A-list vocalists? We offer virtual singing lessons with some of the worlds most iconic musicians. We cater for all

University Student Societies: Hire a Guest Speaker

Student Societies: Hire a Guest Speaker Societies are an integral part of the university experience. They allow students to pursue passions, develop interests and meet likeminded people. Hiring an external speaker for your society's event is an ideal way to motivate members, glean knowledge, and

Virtual Freshers Week

Virtual Freshers Week Meeting new friends, connecting with classmates, networking with people on your course. Freshers week is a rite of passage for every budding university student, marking the commencement of their university journey and initiation into college life. Freshers week isn't just

Virtual Team Building Activities

Virtual Team Building Activities The COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted countless businesses up and down the company. Many companies have been ordered to move their workforce online, demanding employees work remotely for an indefinite period. After weeks of working from home, employees are

A Complete Guide to Virtual Events

A Complete Guide to Virtual Events What is a Virtual Event? A virtual event, also known as an online event, is an organized gathering that convenes virtually rather than a physical location. Unlike physical events, online events aren't geographically restrictive. Attendees from all over the world

Top 10 Virtual Museum Tours

Top 10 Virtual Museum Tours The COVID-19 Coronavirus has forced many iconic museums to shut their doors. However, thanks to virtual museum tours, museum aficionados can still browse their favourite exhibits from the comfort of their own home. Users can explore world-class museums, browsing iconic selections

Virtual Tours of US National Parks

Explore Our Top 5 Virtual Tours of US National Parks At this time of year, people would ordinarily be looking forward to the summer holidays. 6 weeks of adventure, travelling to exotic locations, encountering new cultures and experiencing new sites. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 Coronavirus has other

Virtual Corporate Events

Virtual Corporate Events The COVID-19 Coronavirus has brought life as we know it to a standstill. With the economy in a state of uncertainty, businesses and employees are rightly concerned about their futures. Social distancing measures and forced isolation has affected board meetings, employee conferences

Hire a Private Chef

Private Chef Hire Remove all the hassle from your next dinner party by hiring a private chef. Celebrity-Experiences.com's roster of elite chefs ensures exquisite food, providing cuisines for all pallets and occasions. Your chosen private chef will design a bespoke menu for the occasion based on

Covid-19 and entertainment

How has the Covid-19 virus affected the entertainment industry? The Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic has caused widespread disruption to business, public services and everyday life as a whole. Whilst its effects on the entertainment industry may seem significant in comparison to the devastating loss of

Top 5 Luxury Experience Days for Him

Top 5 Luxury Experience Days for Him Finding a unique gift for that special man in your life can seem a near-impossible task. After all, we live in a society where all manner of merchandise is readily available at the click of a button. Whilst websites like Amazon have made shopping vastly easier,

How to contact a celebrity

How to contact a celebrity? Whether we like it or not, we live in a world that unequivocally idolises certain members of society. These people, more commonly known as 'celebrities', hold a demigod like status in our hearts. They are more than just mere people, often personifying our own life

Try booking a gift experience day

Gift Experience Days For decades, retailers have fought to produce the most sought-after gifts on the market. Each year, shop windows fill up with increasingly exuberant gift ideas, all vying to become the year's most sought after fad. The problem is, the industry has a glass ceiling. There's

What makes someone a celebrity?

Where does celebrity start? On July 4th, 2019, the UK's Advertising Standards (ASA) ruled that 30,000 followers on social media officially makes you a 'celebrity.' This ruling came after Instagram user ThisMamaLife posted an advertisement for sleeping tablets to their 32,000 followers.

The impact of celebrity endorsement

What is celebrity endorsement? A celebrity endorsement is a marketing tool employed by countless businesses across the globe. It involves using a well-known person or celebrity to promote a business's products or services. Through using a celebrity endorsement, companies can raise awareness for

Playing football with a legend

Play football with a star Do you tune in every Saturday to watch your favourite football team? Do you dream of being able to play football with a top football player? Are you ready to make your childhood dream come true? We've teamed up with some of the biggest stars in world football, to enable

Hiring a great celebrity speaker

Hire a celebrity speaker for events Hiring a celebrity guest speaker for your corporate event allows your company to stand out from the competition. Here at Celebrity-Experiences.com, we pride ourselves on providing the top celebrity speakers that Hollywood has to offer. Whatever the occasion, whatever

How gifts can promote your company

Using promotional gifts to boost branding Corporate gifts are an essential facet of any business's success. They accentuate a company's vision, standards and overall status. Unlike traditional advertising methods, corporate promotional gifts can set your company apart from the competition,

Corporate Entertainment

Corporate Event Entertainment Celebrity-Experiences has unparalleled expertise in the field of corporate entertainment gives your company the opportunity to stand out from the competition. Be it a company conference, a team-building retreat, a launch of a new product, or a celebration of a company

Corporate Experience Days

Experience Days for Corporates An experience day is an ideal way to entice clients, reward employees, and provide a winning mentality in the workplace. At Celebrity-Experiences.com, we provide a comprehensive selection of unique experience days that ensure your company stands out from the competition.

Corporate Gifts

Corporate promotional gifts Corporate gifts are an essential facet of any business's success. They accentuate a company's vision, standards and overall status. Unlike traditional advertising methods, corporate promotional gifts can set your company apart from the competition, providing a unique

Corporate Speakers

Celebrity Speakers for Corporate Events Hiring a celebrity guest speaker for your corporate event gives your company the opportunity to stand out from the competition. Here at Celebrity-Experiences.com, we pride ourselves on providing the top celebrity speakers that Hollywood has to offer. Whatever

Corporate Events

Celebrity Corporate Events Entertainment Celebrity-Experiences.com specialises in celebrity hire for corporate events and corporate experience days. With access to a vast A-list celebrity network, our members can book A-list celebrities for events across the globe. The Celebrity-Experiences.com corporate

Ways to reward top performing staff

Give staff a day to remember An experience day is an ideal way to entice clients, reward employees, and provide a winning mentality in the workplace. Whether you want to get the adrenaline pumping with a race car experience or relax with a wine tasting day, we can offer some of the most exciting

Finding the best way to incentivise staff

Business dynamics are crucial to success Are you looking to invigorate your workforce after a draining project? Do you need to incentivise potential clients? Are you seeking to reward staff after clinching a huge sale? Now, more than ever, business dynamics are crucial for success and your relationship

Reasons to invest in corporate hospitality

Hospitality can help build business Corporate hospitality is defined as the 'entertainment of clients to promote business, especially at sporting and other public events'. The benefits of corporate hospitality are wide-ranging, but nowadays it is mainly a marketing tool used by a company in

Celebrity speakers can create a buzz

Booking a celebrity speaker for an event From Hollywood celebrities and published authors to popular politicians and leaders of industry, celebrity speakers can spice up your event. The huge pull of celebrity can fill seats quickly, create a buzz around your brand or build awareness if your organisation. Celebrity

Meet Celebrities in the UK

Meet Celebrities in the UK Celebrity-Experiences.com are specialists in celebrity introductions. We organise a variety of experience days, meet and greets, and informal events with some of the worlds top A-list celebrities. The UK is one of the great entertainment capitals of theatre and music. Celebrities

Luxury Brand Experiences

Delivering valuable & engaging luxury brand experiences to your clients Luxury brand experiences are a key component of the luxury market, focused on delivering exceptional personal service and creating unforgettable consumer experiences. It's no secret that the needs of luxury brand buyers'

Hire a celebrity for a company opening

Hire a celebrity For a company opening Harnessing the power of celebrities can have significant spin-offs and advantages for your brand. It is essential to choose the celebrities that best fit your company goals and to use them effectively. Hiring a celebrity for your company opening is an incredibly

Get some business entertainment ideas

Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Events Constantly creating unique corporate entertainment ideas for companies wanting to impress their clients and employees is a tough but rewarding task. Make your company really stand out by activating a corporate Celebrity-Experiences.com for your company. You

Buying a luxury gift for him

Luxury Gifts for Men When it comes to choosing a luxury gift for him, you need a company that has special partnerships with some of the world's leading high-class stores offering some of the most luxurious and most expensive gifts available today. Our experienced team will be happy to assist

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