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Celebrity Hire for Private and Corporate Events

Have you always dreamt about meeting your favourite celebrity? Are you ready to spend quality one-on-one time with a legendary star? Do you want to take your corporate event to the next level? Hiring a celebrity for your upcoming event is the sure-fire way to truly elevate your occasion. Celebrities of all genres are available to hire, from Hollywood legends to celebrity chefs, iconic tv personalities to world-famous Olympians, acclaimed pop stars to honoured sportspeople. Whether you want a famed celebrity to appear at your personal occasion, an iconic legend to elevate your corporate event, or you simply want the chance to enjoy an informal chat with your celebrity idol, step into the world of bespoke luxury today.

Bespoke Celebrity Experience Days for all occasions

Imagine having the chance to construct your own exclusive experience day. Imagine enjoying a luxury experience with your favourite celebrity. Imagine designing every aspect of your exclusive experience day. Luxury experience days are a step up from your standard experience day, combining unprecedented experiences with extraordinary celebrity hire. From cooking experiences with celebrity chefs to driving days with Formula One drivers, tennis lessons with Wimbledon champions to meet and greets with iconic sports stars, exclusive venue hire to singing lessons with pop stars, enter the world of luxury experience days and embark on your personal celebrity adventure.

Unrivalled Virtual Celebrity Experiences

Thanks to video conferencing software, you can now enjoy mesmerising celebrity experiences from the comfort of your own home. Virtual celebrity experiences are perfect for both personal and corporate occasions. Whether you want a virtual singing-lesson from an iconic pop star, an employee Q&A with a celebrity keynote speaker, or simply want a virtual meet and greet with your Hollywood idol, virtual celebrity experiences give you the chance to experience the celebrity lifestyle from the comfort of your home. Simply decide your genre, date and time of the experience, select your celebrity of choice, and log in to your chosen video conferencing software. Virtual experiences are not restricted by capacity, geography or travel, and can be enjoyed by groups of all sizes.


I want to book celebrity appearances, can you help?

Yes, as experts in the celebrity hire process we are perfectly placed to assist you with your booking. Whether you want to book a celebrity appearance in a personal or corporate capacity, our team of industry professional staff will ensure you experience a truly unforgettable event. Are you ready to meet a celebrity icon? Are you ready to supercharge your upcoming event? Are you ready to experience truly luxury event entertainment? If so, speak to one of our Customer Service advisors today.

How do I book a celebrity?

Whether you have a specific celebrity in mind or require some help in choosing, you've come to the right place. We offer a vast roster of celebrities available for hire and exclusive experience days. We cater for both private and corporate events, with every occasion bespoke and tailored entirely to the client's demands. Booking a celebrity has never been easier. Simply decide on the type of experience you require, choose your perfect celebrity, and get in touch with the Celebrity Experiences Team. Booking a celebrity has never been simpler.

how can I meet a celebrity for free?

Meeting a celebrity for free in this day and age requires an abundance of commitment, extreme persistence, and a great deal of luck. Whilst it is entirely possible to queue for hours outside a venue or happen to bump into your favourite celebrity on the street, it's considerably easier to simply meet a celebrity through Celebrity Experiences. We offer an extensive range of celebrities and celebrity-themed experiences to ensure there's something for everyone. For more information, simply get in touch with our Customer Services Team today.

How much does it cost to hire a celebrity?

Celebrity hire and luxury experiences vary drastically in price, with different celebrities commanding different fees based on their reputation and availability. Due to the bespoke nature of our service, there is no 'set-fee' when it comes to celebrity hire, luxury experience days or virtual experiences. The cost of your event will depend on the type of experience you require, your choice of celebrity, the location of the event, and the duration of the experience. For an accurate pricing quote, simply fill out the contact form below.

Which celebrities are available to hire?

Celebrities from all walks of stardom are available to hire for both personal and corporate events. From celebrity chefs to iconic Olympians, legendary musicians to world-famous sportspeople, tv reality stars to motivational keynote speakers, Hollywood A-listers to superstar comedians, the vast array of celebrities available for hire ensures there's the perfect star for every occasion.

How can I book a celebrity experience?

If you wish to hire a celebrity, partake in a luxury experience day, or enjoy a virtual celebrity experience, simply fill out the contact form or speak to one of our Celebrity Experiences Agents directly today. Whether you have a specific experience in mind or simply want to find out more about the service we offer, our team of industry-professional staff will be on hand to discuss your upcoming event and answer any questions you may have.

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