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Hire a celebrity for a company opening

Harnessing the power of celebrities can have significant spin-offs and advantages for your brand. It is essential to choose the celebrities that best fit your company goals and to use them effectively. Hiring a celebrity for your company opening is an incredibly productive marketing tool, providing the celebrity is both well-chosen and well-placed within the event.

When hiring a celebrity for your company opening, it is important to bear in mind the following: Choosing a celebrity to embody your brand does not exempt you from establishing a real creative project in which it will evolve. In addition, the chosen celebrity should be in line and suitable for your target audience.

Celebrities are particularly useful for launching a new product or campaign for your company or brand. They embody your brand and your company message in a strong and powerful way. They become inseparable in the minds of consumers. With this in mind, it is wise to discuss your requirements with the Celebrity Experiences team to effectively book a celebrity who appeals to your target audience.

Many personalities have become famous because they excel in a particular field. This is apparent in the world of sport. Using these icons to promote your brand is one of the most enduring applications between your company and a hired celebrity. The expertise of the celebrity, his or her personality, his or her performance, must match the values of the brand. The celebrity for hire, becomes, in a way, a 'model' of lifestyle to imitate.

%RA9 Promoting your brand by hiring a celebrity.

One popular format is to hire a famous celebrity to communicate key messages about your company in a powerful and engaging way. Celebrities often open new campaigns in a public way which clearly convey the brand's key points. When celebrities reveal something new it arouses the interest of consumers. Your company then creates an intimate bond with the public.

%RA9 Deliver your company message

When you book celebrities for your company opening, it gives you the opportunity to deliver your company message in a more publicised way. It can effectively raise more awareness to your company product, thus standing out from other publicity campaigns.

%RA9 Anchor your Campaign

Hiring a celebrity for a company opening is the surest way to anchor your campaign in the minds of consumers. Their power is unsuspected and is incredibly effective with guests from all over the world. Therefore, it is crucial to keep up with your competition and rent a celebrity for your company opening.

%RA9 Company Status

Have a celebrity promote your company status by publicising your products and creating brand awareness which keeps your potential customers anticipating to get hold of all your company has to offer.

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