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The impact of celebrity endorsement
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The impact of celebrity endorsement

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What is celebrity endorsement?

A celebrity endorsement is a marketing tool employed by countless businesses across the globe. It involves using a well-known person or celebrity to promote a business's products or services.

Through using a celebrity endorsement, companies can raise awareness for their product, elevate their company's status and efficiently market to a specific target audience.

A celebrity endorsement can invoke images of dependability, stylishness, and exclusivity. And with celebrity branding, consumers are reassured that a business is reliable.

In 2011, Sketchers decided to use celebrity branding. They hired Kim Kardashian to endorse the new Sketchers' Shape-Ups range.

The celebrity is incredibly popular, with 61 million Twitter followers and 142.2 million Instagram followers. In 2015, she was the most searched after person on the internet in 26 different countries.

Sketchers' decision to use celebrity branding was a stroke of genius. Kim Kardashian' success and popularity spilt over into the Sketchers' brand.

So why is celebrity branding so successful?

People want to feel like a celebrity

Every person aspires to be like their favourite celebrity in one way or another. Whether it's working out like Chris Hemsworth, Instagramming like Kylie Jenner or dancing like Beyoncé; we all fall victim to narcissism now and again.

The fact is, if you see your idol's face plastered on a product, you are more likely to buy it. Whether you find a celebrity's road to success inspirational, are envious of their lifestyle or just aspire to be like them, the fact is you are more likely to buy a product they endorse.

Celebrity branding builds awareness

Whether it's singing, sports, fashion or film, each celebrity has a specialised niche. Businesses can take advantage of this to promote a product or service. Your business can align itself with a personality whose specialisation is in line with your new product.

Furthermore, people have a great deal of trust in their favourite celebrities. If a star uses your product, it indicates to their fans that the product is trustworthy, dependable, yet exclusive. After all, would a well-known celebrity attach themselves to an inferior product?

Impact of celebrity endorsement

Different celebrities are popular with different target audiences. It's essential to find the perfect figure for your celebrity branding.

By using a personality like Kim Kardashian, who reaches many millennials on social media, Sketchers were able to play to the younger demographic.

The same goes for George Clooney's celebrity endorsement of Nespresso coffee. George Clooney's debonair characteristics would have resonated with the target audience most likely to buy Nespresso.

Most popular celebrity endorsements

A new genre of news has emerged in recent years- 'celebrity news.' The continuous supply of the paparazzi pictures and the demand of fans has made celebrity news an incredibly lucrative market.
Thanks to celebrity news, we are subject to all facets of famous people's lives.

Luckily for businesses, the interest in celebrity can be exploited for marketing purposes. If a star is wearing a new watch, using a new fitness app or drinking a new coffee, pictures will be plastered all over celebrity news sites. If you are launching a new product or business, this is a great way to get your name out there and create a real media hype.

It makes your product memorable

Whether it's Beyoncé's portrait on the side of a Pepsi can, Jennifer Aniston endorsing Smart Water or Justin Bieber wearing Calvin Klein briefs; seeing your idol on a product leaves a lasting impression. In Calvin Klein's case, not a particularly pleasant one.

Subconsciously, people can associate a product with exclusivity, dependability, and trustworthiness. Celebrity branding helps your product stand out from similar products. Furthermore, a celebrity endorsement is essential in making sure you stand out from your competitors.

Brands and celebrity endorsement

Celebrity endorsements are the sure-fire way to increase brand awareness. A well-known personality using your product will quickly draw media attention, especially on celebrity news sites.

When people see their favourite celebrity wearing a certain product, drinking a particular drink or using a certain fragrance, there will be an ensuing flood of enquiries about that product.

Celebrity branding also helps you conquer social media. Many celebrities have a cult following on social media. When loyal fans see their favourite celebrity using your product, there will be plenty of online hype surrounding your company.

If you play your cards with care you can effectively exploit social media and celebrity news sites for free product promotion.

If you require any more information about celebrity endorsements or celebrity branding, get in touch with the Celebrity-Experiences.com Customer Services. Our team of professionals will be happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.

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