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Virtual Corporate Events

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Virtual Corporate Events

The COVID-19 Coronavirus has brought life as we know it to a standstill. With the economy in a state of uncertainty, businesses and employees are rightly concerned about their futures. Social distancing measures and forced isolation has affected board meetings, employee conferences and corporate events worldwide. Though these traditional forms of corporate interaction are currently impossible, virtual corporate events offer the perfect solution.

When your company invites to you an 'online event,' what do you think of? Mind-numbing webinars? Excessively long conference calls? Business meetings that last an eternity? The truth is, online corporate events have always got a bad rep, viewed as tedious, uninspiring affairs and fundamentally less engaging than physical counterparts. Here at Celebrity-Experiences.com, we have transformed the online corporate event market. Whether it's a celebrity Q&A session for your employees, a virtual cooking masterclass for your board members, or a ZOOM marketing masterclass from a world-renowned business guru; experience virtual corporate events like never before with Celebrity-Experiences.com

What is a Virtual Event?

A virtual event is an online gathering that happens over the internet. Online events aren't restricted geographically meaning anyone can participate regardless of their location. Essentially a virtual event is the same as an in-person event, just instead of a physical location, the event takes place online. Despite sounding oxymoronic, virtual events are as personal, interactive and engaging as physical events. Through one-on-one video chats, screen sharing, video seminars, live presentations and videoconferencing, it'll be like you're physically in the meeting room with your workforce. Though many companies offer virtual event services, Celebrity-Experiences.com are the elite in virtual corporate events. Our fully bespoke online events are executed with the customer in mind, providing truly engaging corporate event entertainment.

Why book a Virtual Corporate Event?

Cost and time effective

The fact the event is 'virtual' means minimal overheads. No more paying for private jets or 5-star hotels. Saving money on venue hire, event staff and travel expenses drastically reduce outgoings, allowing the company to spend more on the virtual event itself. Furthermore, virtual events take vastly less time to set up than physical events. The time you save can be spent on more important business matters. Our team will be on hand 24/7 during the virtual event planning process.

No Travelling

Through hosting your corporate event online, guests travelling expenses and complications are removed. This removes the stress factor from your event, giving you peace of mind that your event will go ahead swimmingly. Your company can involve a wider audience whilst simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint.

Global Reach

By promoting your virtual event on websites and social media platforms, you can instantly engage a worldwide audience. Users from across the world can join your event instantly, without having to worry about travelling. This allows your company to engage with users across the globe.


Traditional corporate events are incredibly inflexible occasions. When the date is booked, there's no going back. If your keynote speaker is ill, there's a problem with the venue or the weather is particularly bad, your corporate event is ruined. Virtual events are incredibly flexible affairs. If employees are running late, your guest speaker is ill, or the technology isn't working, you can simply postpone the event.

Ideas for Virtual Events

All our virtual events are bespoke and tailored to the client's wishes. Our unrivalled access to the celebrity world enables client's to create whatever event they want. Listed below are some of our most popular virtual event ideas.

Q&A Session with a Celebrity

A video-call with a difference. Log onto the video call and watch an iconic celebrity answer questions submitted by the workforce. Our vast roster of celebrities and keynote speakers ensures there's an ideal person for every occasion.

Examples include:

Q&A with an Industry Guru
Interactive Keynote Speech
Personal Video Lectures
Celebrity Q&A Session
Virtual Awards Ceremony

Virtual Concerts

Treat your workforce to a virtual performance from a celebrity icon. Experience a personalised performance from the comfort of your own home.

Examples include:

Virtual Pop Concert
Bespoke Rock Concert
Comedy Gig
Country and Western Experience
Q&A with a Musical Icon

Virtual Cooking Masterclass

This virtual team-building exercise is bound to boost morale. Employees will have to keep up with a celebrity chef as they prepare their signature dish. The celebrity chef will then judge the dishes and give feedback.

Examples include:

Virtual Baking Experience at home
Online Masterclass: Cook the perfect steak
How to prepare the perfect afternoon tea
BBQ online class direct to your garden
Chocolate Virtual Experience

Virtual Personal Training

Staying physically and mentally strong is more important than ever. An employee video call with a celebrity personal trainer is bound to get the endorphins pumping.

Examples include:

Fitness with Olympic Athletes
Tennis Coaching with Wimbledon Champions
Personal Training with Celebrity Trainers
Bespoke fitness regimes
Dietary and Nutrition Masterclass

Virtual Wellness and Wellbeing

Wellness and wellbeing are more important than ever. Gain clarity in these uncertain times with our wellness and wellbeing virtual experiences.

Examples include:

Virtual Yoga Retreat
Mental Awareness Session
Online Relaxation
Wellness Courses
Mindfulness Events

Virtual Workshops

Use your time at home productively and learn new business skills. Hear the tips and tricks of the business world from tycoon icons themselves.

Examples include:

Q&A with a TV star
Virtual Business Masterclass
Industry Keynote Speakers
Elite Business Lectures
Q&A with Tycoon Icons

Virtual Keynote Speakers

Inspire your workforce by hiring a virtual keynote speaker. Whether it's a politician, sports star or celebrity chef, keynote speakers are bound to invigorate your employees. The event will be hosted by your CEO.

Examples include:

Author Keynote Speech
Sportstar to talk about 'Success'
Q&A with a Politician
Celebrity Chef to instil Passion
Keynote Speaker to host Virtual Award's Ceremony

Virtual Team-building Day

Have some fun and put your team to the test with activities that can be hosted by the celebrity or hosted by the celebrity and your management.

Example include:

SAS Experience
Cooking Team Building Experience
Virtual Team Building Sessions
Employee Fitness Bootcamp
Employee Business Challenge

Get in touch

Though virtual experiences have certainly come into their own in light of COVID-19, they should continue to be utilised by businesses after the Coronavirus pandemic is gone. Their cost-effective nature, global outreach and flexibility give businesses opportunities like never before. Take your business into the digital age by exploring virtual corporate events today. For more information, please speak to a member of our Customer Services Team. Our team of industry professionals will be happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.

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