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Virtual Team Building Activities
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Virtual Team Building Activities

The COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted countless businesses up and down the company. Many companies have been ordered to move their workforce online, demanding employees work remotely for an indefinite period. After weeks of working from home, employees are undoubtedly starting to feel isolated, missing workplace socialising and staff comradery.

Here at Celebrity-Experiences, we have launched an unprecedented range of virtual team building activities to ensure your staff remain energized and invigorated. Whether you want a celebrity keynote speaker to present employee awards, a virtual team building masterclass with a celebrity chef, or a simple Zoom Q&A session with an iconic personality; our vast roster of virtual teaming building activities ensures there's something for every occasion.


What is Virtual Team Building?

Virtual Team Building is a practice of building cohesion amongst remote workers. Like it's physical counterpart, virtual team building encourages participation and cooperation amongst employees, promoting socialisation and alignment. Through utilising virtual activities, a business can create a collaborative work environment that's beneficial to both employee and employer.

Why is Virtual Team Building Important?

Working remotely can be a lonely affair. The lack of socialisation can hamper employees happiness and productivity. Often, remote workers are crying out for the employee camaraderieand workplace banter associated with office work. Through organising virtual team building events, a company can boost employee morale, increase team cohesion and improve workplace communication. This directly correlates to happier, engaged and efficient staff.

Which companies can benefit from remote team building?

Virtual team building events are flexible and versatile. This means companies of all sizes and make-ups can benefit. A large, multi-national company may hire a keynote speaker to present employee awards, a smaller company may decide on an intimate team-building masterclass to improve employee cohesion. The vast array of remote team building events ensures there's something for everyone.

Remote Team building ideas

1) Keynote Speaker

World-class keynote speakers are an ideal way to unify your remote team around a common interest. Whether it's an A-list celebrity to discuss motivation, an industry guru to present a marketing lecture or a famous author to chat about their life, hiring a keynote speaker for your remote team building day is the perfect way to improve employee cohesion.

Virtual Masterclass

Using video conferencing technology, your employees can experience an exclusive masterclass from the comfort of their own home. Whether it's a live cooking tutorial with a celebrity chef, a fitness masterclass from a personal trainer, or a business lecture from an industry tycoon, virtual masterclasses are the perfect way to invigorate your workforce.

Virtual Concert

Employees can pour a glass of wine, sit down in their living room and experience a live virtual concert. We have a vast roster of pop icons, country and western legends and rock luminaries. Your employees will log onto the video conferencing software and enjoy this exclusive experience together.

Employee Challenge

Business-style challenges are the perfect way to boost team cohesion and employee collaboration. Split your employees into small teams, set them a task and have an industry guru adjudicate their findings. Let your employees showcase their skills whilst harbouring new friendships along the way.

Fitness and Wellbeing

Whether it's a virtual personal training session, a daily yoga activity, or a simple wellbeing course, fitness and wellbeing are key in this time of uncertainty. Help your employees gain clarity with a virtual fitness and wellbeing team building event.

How much does a remote team building event cost?

The cost of your virtual team building event will depend on the type, duration and nature of your chosen event. For an accurate quote, please get in touch with our Customer Services Team, they will be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a pricing quote.


Virtual team building events have the potential to inspire, invigorate and incite your remote workforce. Though remote team building events have come into their own during the Coronavirus lockdown, there's no reason why a company cannot take advantage of them after the lockdown has ended. Keep your employees happy during the lockdown, boost the morale of your remote workers, and modernise your corporate events.

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