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Golfing celebrities for any event

Hiring a celebrity golfer can help tee-off any event. Whether it's a corporate experience day for a potential business client or simply for a private round of golf with your favourite player; hiring a celebrity golfer guaranteed an unforgettable occasion.

Celebrity-Experiences.com is giving you unprecedented access to world-class golfers, from cup legends to Major championship winners.

Whether you are in search of a championship titleholder or past golfing legend, you can always find the perfect celebrity golfer to hire for your special occasion.

Household-name golfers, from ex-pros to commentators, are available for almost any event, from speaking about the sport of golf to playing a round at your favourite club.

Whatever the occasion, hiring a celebrity golfer can add glamour and interest at business events or private parties.

Book a Famous Golfer for your event

Celebrity golfers for corporate events

We specialise in hiring the world's most famous golfers for personal appearances across the globe. The arrival of a celebrity golfer at your corporate event can give it massive publicity and attract many guests from the world of business.

Whether it's a former tournament winner, a famous golf commentator or a legend in the sport, we can arrange an appearance at almost any event.

Golf speakers can be hired to talk about how they reached the peak of their sport, demonstrate the skills and technique that propelled them to the top or join you on the fairway at the golf club of your choice.

Play a round with a golf legend

Imagine having the opportunity to play a round with a world-famous celebrity golfer. Professional players from across the globe are available to hire for anything from a private game to a company presentation.

Championship winners are celebrities on both the national and international scene and famous for their exceptional professionalism and expertise in the game of golf.

Sharing tips and skills during a one-to-one golf game with a top golfer can be an unforgettable experience. You can choose to play at an exclusive golf club venue or even at your local links with your friends and family.

Golf legends for all occasions

Celebrity-Experiences.com's clientele get access to a high range of successful golfer, from the rising stars to the world's best-known and best-loved golfers.

Golf celebrities can be hired to deliver a speech, to be guest of honour at an annual meeting, to present awards or to take questions from the audience.

These pro golfers can inspire guests from all walks of life, especially those who admire success and respect the professionalism and dedication needed to reach the pinnacle of their sport.

Golfers of international standing will have a global fan base of supporters who follow their idol's every move so hiring a golf celebrity can raise awareness of your company or brand on a worldwide scale.

The cost of hiring a celebrity golfer

The cost of hiring a golfing celebrity very much depends on the celebrity status of the individual, when they are available, the duration they are going to be needed, and the location and the event.

The Celebrity-Experiences.comteam will be delighted to assist in planning and organising a golf day, working closely with the celebrity and estimating all associated costs.

We always secure the best deal for our member when they choose to hire a golf celebrity through us. Our roster of international golf stars is available for a wide range of events and opportunities.

If you are looking to hire a golf celebrity for your occasion, whether it be corporate or private, the Celebrity-Experiences.com team is delighted to help.

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