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Hire a Snooker Professional

The game of Snooker is as highly technical and tactically subtle as it is exhilarating and invigorating. In snooker, there's nowhere to hide, with every ounce of pressure focussed on the mere 11 ft by 5 ft table sitting in the centre of the room. There's no room for error, with even the minutest of mistakes cruelly punished in the most emphatic of fashions.

Here at Celebrity-Experiences, we have a vast roster of professional snooker players who are available to hire for both personal and private events. Whether you want a one-on-one lesson with one of Snooker's biggest names, a former world champion to give a keynote speech at your company event, or simply want an informal chat over dinner with your favourite snooker commentator, get in touch today.

Celebrity-Experiences.com offers a boundless assortment of A-list sportspeople, thus are ideally placed to organise your perfect event.

Hire a Snooker Player

Ideal for Corporate Events

What makes an elite snooker player? Dedication, attention to detail, perfectionism, concentration, tactical awareness. All of these aforementioned skills are essential both in the workplace and everyday life in general. Motivate your employees, impress your clients and stand out amongst your rivals by hiring a snooker player through Celebrity-Experiences today. Whether you want a professional snooker player to deliver a motivational speech, a former world champion to meet and greet potential clients, or you want a celebrity snooker player to be the face of your brand, get in touch today.

Can I hire a Snooker player for my personal event?

Of course, we offer a variety of snooker experiences for personal events. Whether you want a once-in-a-lifetime lesson with a world champion, a professional snooker player to appear at your birthday party, or simply want to have a drink with your favourite player, make your event unforgettable and hire a snooker player today.

What services could a Snooker player provide?

If you hire a snooker player for your event, there are various services they could provide.

Informal Meet and Greet
One-on-one snooker lesson
Video call with a snooker player
Meet a world champion for a drink
VIP Hospitality
Dinner with a snooker player

How much does it cost to hire a snooker player?

When it comes to hiring a snooker player, there is no 'set fee'. The cost of your event will depend on your chosen snooker player, the type of event and the duration of the event. Get in touch with our Customer Services Team. Our team of industry professionals will be happy to discuss your event and offer an accurate quote regarding pricing.

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