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How to Hire a Television Personality

The fame of TV personalities has grown exponentially in recent years, with millions tuning in week-on-week to watch their favourite reality shows, cooking programmes, soaps and talent competition.

The television genre spans from the emerging talents on Britain's Got Talent or X-Factor to TV celebrities fighting it out in the jungle on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, budding foodies on MasterChef to iconic soap stars.

Hiring a TV personality for a private or company event is an incredible way to increase the occasions prestige. TV stars are markedly cheaper to hire than A-list celebrities, therefore are an ideal for the more low-key events.

Fame spreads fast in TV

Today's unknown can be tomorrow's mega-star. Hiring a Reality TV star is a shrewd move that illustrates your company as a progressive outfit. Furthermore, your company can benefit from the substantial social media presence that often accompanies reality TV success.

Whether you want to hire a reality TV star in an ambassadorial capacity, as a guest speaker at your event, or to meet and greet your guests, contact Celebrity-Experiences.com today.

Here at Celebrity-Experiences.com, we offer TV stars from shows such as The Apprentice, X-Factor, Love Island, Britains Got Talent, America's Got Talent, Great British Bake-Off, Strictly Come Dancing, Celebrity Big Brother and many more. We guarantee to find you the perfect reality TV star for your occasion.

Book a TV Personality for your event

Reality Stars and Social Media buzz

The appearance of a Reality TV star will create an energetic event setting. It will attract more guests, a greater audience and create a social media buzz.

There are many roles that reality TV stars can perform at your event. Whether it's playing the part of the master of ceremonies, presenting employee awards or talking about their lives on and off camera, hiring a reality TV star guarantees your event is a memorable one. Watch those selfies multiply as guests learn that there is a Reality TV star in the crowd

Hiring a TV personality for a Corporate Event

It is reassuring to know that you don't have to shell out millions to get a household name at your corporate event.

TV stars have made a name for themselves in the world of TV and show business but don't yet command enormous fees.

Hiring a TV star for a corporate event ensures a lively and fun-filled atmosphere that is guaranteed to trend on social media.

What TV Stars can Celebrity-Experiences.com provide?

The television industry encompasses a vast range of stars. From Jeremy Clarkson to Kim Kardashian, Ant Middleton to Georgia Toffolo, Kylie Jenner to Ranvir Singh. The wide variety of tv stars on our roster means we can provide the perfect personality for every occasion.

How do I Hire a TV Celebrity?

Have you dreamed of hiring your favourite TV celebrity? Well now's your chance. We offer TV personalities, reality TV stars and icons from the top TV shows around the world. Hiring a TV celebrity for your upcoming event ensures a truly unforgettable occasion. TV celebrities are available to hire for both personal and corporate events, for events both small and large scale. Furthermore, we've adapted our service to include virtual events, meaning you can chat with your favourite TV celebrity from the comfort of your own home. For more information, browse our roster of celebrities and get in touch with the Celebrity Experiences Team today.

How much does a Reality TV celebrity cost?

The cost of hiring a TV star depends on several factors. If you are looking to book would-be stars from top-rated TV shows like the Apprentice, I'm A Celebrity, Big Brother etc. you should be ready to pay more than for shows that attract lower audience ratings. You will also need to cover the expenses for your chosen TV star. Fees can include everything from the transportation of the celebrity, any necessary equipment for production, as well as overnight accommodation if they are needed late at night. The time, location and availability of the personality also help determine the price.

For more information about pricing, please contact our Customer Service Team today.

Can I rent a celebrity for a day?

Yes, it's possible to rent a celebrity for a day through Celebrity-Experiences. Celebrities are available to rent for both personal and corporate occasions. Whether you want a celebrity to supercharge your corporate event, a meet and greet with a celebrity icon, or you simply want the chance to informally chat to your celebrity idol, rent a celebrity through Celebrity Experiences today. We cater for events both small and large-scale, with every experience bespoke and fully tailored to the client's demands.

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