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A Wimbledon champion is considered one of the most prominent figures, not only in the game of tennis but in sports generally.

Tennis players can be hired to talk about their life on the court, deliver motivational speeches, play a game or two, quietly mingle with your guests at a private party or take centre stage at corporate events such as AGMs or awards ceremonies.

Hiring a Wimbledon champion will increase the status, enjoyment and popularity of any event, be it a small intimate experience or a significant corporate event.

The dedicated and experienced staff at Celebrity-Experiences.com will connect you with the best tennis players across the world.

Book a Wimbledon Champion for your event

Which tennis players can I hire?

Here at Celebrity-Experiences.com, we have an extensive selection of world-famous tennis players on our roster. So, whether you want a tennis lesson, or simply an informal chat with a tennis legend; Celebrity-Experiences.com can make your dreams a reality.

One-to-one tennis lessons

Celebrity-Experiences.com offers a selection of tennis lessons provided by the world's top tennis players.

You can play tennis at Wimbledon and pick up some valuable tricks and tips for the world's top tennis professionals.

Imagine the improvement in your tennis game and the fun you would have training with an elite tennis legend.

Hire a Wimbledon champion for a corporate event

From intimate events to large-scale corporate gatherings, hiring a tennis champion is a guaranteed way to bolster awareness of your occasion. Imagine the social media buzz when people find out you've hired a tennis legend for your event.

Whether you want a Wimbledon icon to provide a motivational after-dinner speech, a tennis legend to present employee awards, or simply have a tennis star mingle with your guests; make your event truly unforgettable and hire a tennis champion today.

How much does it cost to hire a tennis star?

The cost of hiring a tennis star depends on the salary, achievements and salary of the player in question. Furthermore, the type of service you require will also alter the price. For example, a one-on-one tennis lesson will cost more than a simple meet and greet.

The cost of hiring a Wimbledon champion will cover the expenses of transportation, and as such, it is always imperative that first-class transportation service is used.

Celebrity-Experiences.com will help with everything from hiring a Wimbledon champion to ensuring that they are available during the event.

For accurate, up to date information about pricing and costing, please get in touch with our Customer Service Team today.

Hire a tennis pro for the following

-Tennis Lesson
-Personal Training Advice
-Award Giving ceremony
-Motivational event
-Exhibition event
-Business promotion
-AGM entertainment

How do I book a celebrity?

Up to now, booking a celebrity for your event was unimaginable. Hours upon hours spent ringing celebrity agents, tedious drawn-out phone calls, indefinite arrangements. Through Celebrity-Experiences, you can book a celebrity with ease. Just select your event/experience, decide on which celebrity you would like, and speak to one of our team. Our vast selection of in-person and virtual celebrity experiences ensures there's something for everyone. Our team of industry professionals will be thrilled to help you with your booking, offering insight and answering any questions you may have.

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