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Enjoy an Olympic Experience Day

Hosted every 4 years, the Olympic Games is the apex of every athlete's career. To reach that level of athletic perfection requires an incomprehensible amount of dedication, hard work and raw talent. At Celebrity-Experiences, we have a vast roster of Olympians for hire for both personal and corporate events.

Hiring an Olympian for your corporate event is an ideal way to motivate your staff and impress your clients. Whether you want a former Olympian to deliver a keynote speech, a medal holder to present employee awards, or simply an Olympian to meet and greet clients, hiring an Olympic athlete ensures your corporate event is an unrivalled success.

Olympians are also available to hire for personal occasions. From personal training sessions to Olympic bootcamps, informal meet and greets to VIP Hospitality, an Olympic Experience Day is the perfect gift for every occasion.

Celebrity-Experiences.com offers a boundless assortment of A-list sportspeople, thus are ideally placed to organise your perfect event.

Hire an Olympic Athlete

Perfect for Corporate Events

Olympians epitomise hard work, dedication and motivation. Inspire your employees and supercharge your business by hiring an Olympic Athlete for your Corporate Event today. Whether you require a former Olympian to deliver a motivational keynote speech, an iconic athlete to mingle with potential clients, or a legendary Olympian to endorse your brand through celebrity branding, get in touch with Celebrity-Experiences today. Our team of industry professionals will be happy to discuss your bespoke event and answer any questions you may have.

Can I hire an Olympian for a private event?

Yes, we offer a comprehensive array of Olympic experiences for private and personal events. Whether you want to experience training with an Olympic athlete, a legendary Olympian to make an appearance at your birthday party, or simply want to enjoy dinner with your favourite athlete, Celebrity-Experiences will provide an unprecedented experience.

What services could an Olympian provide?

If you hire an Olympian for your event, there are various services they could provide.

Informal Meet and Greet
Motivational Keynote Speech
One-on-one OlympicTraining
VIP Hospitality at a sporting event
Dinner with an Olympian

How much does it cost to hire an Olympian?

All our experiences are bespoke and fully tailored to the client's needs, therefore there is no 'set-price' when it comes to hiring an Olympian. Simply get in touch with our Customer Services Team. Our team of industry professionals will be happy to discuss your event and offer an accurate quote regarding pricing.

How do I hire celebrities for events?

We offer a vast roster of celebrities for hire for both personal and corporate events. To embark on your celebrity experience, simply decide on your chosen experience, select your celebrity, and get in touch with the team today. Whether you have a specific celebrity experience in mind or need some inspiration, our team will be happy to offer their expert insight and answer any questions or queries you may have. Step into the world of celebrity experiences and book today.

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