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Football is one of the most celebrated and viewed sports in the world. Here at Celebrity-Experiences.com, we are offering you the chance to hire a football legend for your event and create everlasting memories.

We have an unprecedented array of footballing legends on our roster, not just from England, but around the world. Our comprehensive list of footballers include players from some of the top teams in Europe.

Whether you want a footballing legend to provide a motivational after-dinner speech, a current Premier League professional to have a kick about with your employees, or you'd simply like VIP hospitality at a cup final game; contact Celebrity-Experiences.com today.

Book a Football Legend for your event

Football guest speakers for hire

Famous footballers are arguably the most recognisable individuals on the planet. They often have extensive fan bases, with loyal supporters tuning week on week to watch them play. Whether you wish to hire a top international striker, a world-famous defender, or a member of an iconic coaching team, the appearance of a celebrity footballer at your event will be sure to catch the attention of guests and audiences worldwide.

Listen to football legends as they talk about their careers, recount hilarious anecdotes and take centre stage with question and answer sessions from the audience.

With a vast selection of famous football players from a range of clubs from around the world, we are always able to provide the perfect footballer, coach or pundit for your event.

Play with a football legend

Although the majority of our clientele book footballing legends in a corporate capacity, we can also arrange more unusual celebrity appearances.

Fancy a kick-around with a top Premier League player? Why not have a footballing legend play on your 5-aside team for a week? With Celebrity-Experiences.com, the options are truly endless.

Footballers are available to hire for a wide variety of occasions. Whether it's a corporate team kick-about, one-to-one personal training, or as a motivational speaker; hiring a footballing legend is a guaranteed once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Many of the most iconic footballers are all too ready to display their skill on the ball or talk about their professional life both on and off the field.

How much does it cost to hire a footballer?

The cost of hiring a top soccer player usually depends on the celebrity status of the football player.

In most cases, this involves recognition, awards, the salary of the player and a variety of other factors.

Football players of international stature will usually charge more for a celebrity appearance than national or local celebrities.

It also depends on what the celebrity appearance is for. Hiring a soccer star for an award presentation, keynote speech or as a motivational speaker usually comes with a standard fee.

If you plan to play a game with a star footballer or wish to take part in one-to-one training sessions, other charges may come into play.

The cost of hiring a football star will also need to cover expenses like travel and accommodation.

Why hire a footballing legend?

The appearance of a football legend at your event, whether a Premiership player or an international star, will go a long way to promote and enhance your event and business.

Though hiring a footballer comes at a cost, you are guaranteed to reap the rewards and get a return on your investment. Imagine the social media buzz when a football icon turns up at your event.

Once you've found the perfect football star for your event we organise a celebrity appearance as quickly as possible. We will take care of all the hassle so you can sit back and enjoy your event.

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