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Hire a pop star for a dazzling performance and make your event a chart-topping success!
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Hire a famous pop singer

The appearance of a pop star at your event guarantees to make the occasion unforgettable.
Celebrity-Experiences.com can help hire famous singers for any occasion, from corporate events to private parties.

Whether you want to hire a singer to perform at your weddings, enjoy a singing lesson with your music icon, or want an informal chat with the pop star of your dreams, contact Celebrity-Experiences.com and make your dream a reality.

Celebrity-Experiences.com has unrivalled industry experience in hiring famous singers and rock bands to perform at live events. We pride ourselves on being able to attract the most sought-after artists for both private and corporate events. Our comprehensive list of pop icons means there's something for everyone, whatever the budget, whatever the occasion.

Famous singers can be hired for a full performance, a short musical interlude, or simply to mingle with your guests.

Book a Pop Star for your event

What type of singers are available for hire?

Celebrity singers are guaranteed to add a bit of swing to your event. The vast amount of top quality musicians on our roster means we can comprehensively provide music of all genres. Whether you want a celebrity singer to sing 'Happy Birthday' to your loved one, an opera singer to sing you down the aisle, or a blues singer to add atmosphere to a romantic getaway, Celebrity-Experiences.com can make your event unforgettable.

Here at Celebrity-Experiences.com, we provide a global service. We can hire singers and bands from across the globe and can set up concerts at any location in the world. We truly bring the concert hall to your home. Members can book a rock band for a party, a favourite pop singer for a wedding or a famous musician to perform in front of your friends and family.

Why hire a famous singer for my event?

A pop star will make the opening ceremony for your occasion a magnificent one, delivering a breathtaking performance at your event. A celebrity singer can perform during an opening ceremony, at the end of the evening or make an appearance at any time. Famous singers can deliver the perfect songs to suit any occasion

How much does it cost to hire a pop star?

The price of hiring a famous music artist can vary greatly, depending on the location, type of event, and the celebrity status of the performer.

The Celebrity-Experiences.com team has a vast network of celebrities, managers and music agents to ensure you get the best possible price.

If you choose to hire a famous singer, you will need to cover the fee for the pop star's exclusive musical performance as well as the costs of production and other miscellaneous overheads.

What are the benefits of hiring famous musicians?

Hiring a band or singer for an event comes with numerous benefits. The appearance of a celebrity singer will help with publicity and will attract more guests and visitors.

Celebrity-Experiences.com will help with hiring a singer and connect you with some of the top performers in the music and recording industry.

Whether you intend to hire a chart-topping artist or a young, upcoming singer or band, Celebrity-Experiences.com can offer you access to the best in the music business.

Events you would hire a pop star for

- Corporate bash
- Festival
- Private party
- Product launch
- Promotional event
- Wedding
- Award show

how to hire a celebrity singer?

Hiring a celebrity singer has never been easier. Simply determine the type of event you require, select your chosen celebrity singer, and speak to our Customer Services Team. Whether you have a specific celebrity singing experience in mind or need some inspiration regarding your upcoming event, our team of industry professionals will be happy to help. Our vast roster of celebrity singers available to hire and celebrity singing experiences are available both in a personal and corporate capacity. All our experiences are bespoke and tailored the client's needs, with both in-person and virtual options available.

how do I book a celebrity singer for a party?

It's simple, choose your event/experience, select your celebrity singer and get in contact with our team. We have an extensive range of both in-person and virtual celebrity singing experiences, catering for all events and occasions. Whether you want a vocal lesson with a pop icon, an opera singer to serenade you, or a rock and roll legend to play at your corporate event, get in touch today. Our team will be happy to speak to you about your upcoming event.

Do you have celebrity wedding singers for hire?

Yes, we offer a wide range of elite celebrity singers available for wedding hire. Whether you want an opera singer to accompany you down the aisle, a pop star to sing during the wedding register signing, or an iconic band to play at your reception, we can make it happen. We offer a vast range of celebrity wedding singers of all genres, ensuring there's a perfect accompaniment to your perfect day. Please browse our extensive range of celebrity singers available for hire or speak to our Customer Services Team for more information.

Hire a celebrity and book unique experiences today with a single point of contact where discretion is paramount for both you and the Celebrity!
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